The H2 Truck is a small vehicle used in many different operation fields including luggage hauling, small commercial vehicles, hospitals and ports.

H2 Truck Demonstrates Practical Use of Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicles

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H2 Truck demonstrates practical use of Hydrogen
The H2 Truck is a small vehicle used in many different operation fields including luggage hauling, small commercial vehicles, hospitals and ports.

Prepared by Fuel Cell Markets Ltd on behalf of H2 Logic

In the fall of 2005 the Danish based companies H2 Logic and A. Flensborg released the first hydrogen truck (H2 Truck). The keys to the first 6 H2 Trucks were handed over on the 25th February 2006, and are already demonstrating the significant advantages presented by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technology. The H2 Truck is a small vehicle used in many different operation fields including luggage hauling, small commercial vehicles, hospitals and ports.

There are currently 4 trucks being used in 3 different Danish hospitals. The existing solution required all the batteries in the vehicles to be charged together in a corridor every night to support a single day's use. The H2 Trucks are used for around 10hrs a day, and in that period are used efficiently for around 5hrs, but only require re-fuelling every 3-5 days. Another important advantage to note is that, due to the H2 Trucks fuel cell-battery hybrid, they provide greater traction power meaning greater loads can be transported across bigger distances and steeper inclines.

In Herning Denmark, the H2 Truck is being used as City Cleaner and has received significant local and national media interest on numerous TV shows and many newspapers. The storage space at the rear of the truck is used for storing tools (brooms/brushes, hedge clippers) and collecting refuse bags. This low load means the truck is able to last for 2 weeks before it requires refuelling or 2-3 days when there is considerable power tool usage.

The third installation is in a waste water treatment plant in Herning. Traditionally battery powered vehicles were charged overnight, but the H2 Truck can last for up to 3 weeks. The truck is used every day for a few tasks and is generally used to haul a trailer of heavy load containing maintenance parts and supply power to electric tools.

The hydrogen for all the installations is supplied by an electrolyser in a central location from renewable energy. As the refuelling solution is an EU Certified product and the employees do not have to handle the hydrogen itself. The innovative metal hydride canister design and unique filling station means the training required is minimal and operation simple.

H2 Truck continues to look to establish further installations across Europe and beyond particularly in hospitals, waste water treatment plants and as city cleaners, but also in ports, airports, warehouses and amusement parks. Interested parties should contact H2 Logic to discuss adopting this technology.

Facts on the H2 Truck

  • 2kW DC motor
  • 1,5kW PEM Fuel Cell
  • 4000 litres of onboard hydrogen storage
  • Drivetime on batteries is 6-8 hours
  • Drivetime on hydrogen is 12-16 hours
  • Refilling of hydrogen takes less than 2 minutes
  • 230V/110V AV outlet, 1000W output and 2000W peak
  • Hydrogen stored in metal hydrides.

Further information:
Visit or
Director, Jacob Hansen, H2 Logic, tel.: +45 9627 5601, 


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