This week was the biggie with DJIA up 6.83%; NASDAQ +6.03% and this index rocketing 41.54%.


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This week was the biggie with DJIA up 6.83%; NASDAQ +6.03% and this index rocketing 41.54%.

Solar Stocks Average Up Over 41% for Week
Three stocks up over 70%

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If the key 20 Solar Stocks Index (20SSI) were a Broadway show premiering March 9, the reviews would be boffo. The last minute surge on the date marks the beginning of a young bull market that's seen the Dow up 5.53% and the NASDAQ up 6.15%. Not to be outdone is the 20SSI rising a stupendous 54.25% from the opening bell March 9 through end of trading 3/27.

Week of March 23-27, 2009

Monday Open Friday Close Up/Down % Change Close 1/5/09
Dow Jones DJIA 7278.38 7776.18 +497.80 +6.830% 8952.89
NASDAQ 1457.27 1545.20 +87.93 +6.030 1628.03

Akeena Solar AKNS .75 1.11 +.36 +48.00 2.28
Amtel Systems ASYS 3.06 3.46 +.40 +48.00 4.00
Applied Materials AMAT 10.21 11.23 +1.02 +9.990 10.67
Canadian Solar CSIQ 4.50 5.76 +1.26 +28.00 7.00
ECD (UniSolar) ENER 13.23 15.77 +2.54 +19.191 29.33
Entech Solar ENSL.OB .1851 +.32 +.1349 +72.87 .28
Evergreen Solar ESLR 1.37 2.33 +.96 +70.00 3.60
First Solar FSLR 120.37 147.36 +27.99 +22.42 157.80
GT Solar Int. SOLR 3.89 4.22 +.33 +15.17 4.00
JA Solar JASO 2.31 3.93 +1.62 +70.12 5.09
Kyocera KYO 67.49 68.07 +.58 +.0085 71.87
LDK Solar LDK 4.27 7.19 +2.92 +68.38 14.84
MEMC Elect. WFR 14.88 18.38 +3.50 +23.52 15.76
Renesola SOL 2.35 3.70 +1.35 +57.84 5.15
Satcon SATC 1.25 1.63 +.37 +30.04 1.60
SolarFun SOLF 3.55 4.67 +1.12 +31.55 6.12
SunPower SPWRA 22.42 25.30 +2.83 +12.59 45.13
SunTech STP 6.91 11.65 +4.74 +68.59 13.55
Trina Solar TSL 7.49 12.33 +4.84 +64.62 10.09
Yingli YGE 3.77 6.15 +2.38 +63.12 7.25
Percent change all 20 stocks this week:



This week was the biggie with DJIA up 6.83%; NASDAQ +6.03% and this index rocketing 41.54%. Three gainers were up 70% or more: Entech Solar, Evergreen Solar and JA Solar with four more in the 60-70% range. As mentioned in yesterday's post the reasons range from guaranteed loans for solar manufacturers; fat contracts for utility-scale projects getting underway; and the SEIA's report that 2008 was the third straight record-breaking year for growth in the PV industry.

There's another reason, too, that should not be overlooked. Despite the weather in parts of the country, it is springtime, a time when people get serious about installing solar to ease their power bills this summer thanks to that modern-day wonder called air conditioning. A good 40% of a typical summer electricity bill--commercial or residential--is just for keeping cool. For those smart--and lucky--enough, that abundance of summertime sun can be converted to the coolness of an oasis with solar technology. Better yet for our country it creates badly needed jobs while it reduces emissions. Bearing those factors in mind, solar stocks seem a pretty safe bet.

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