The Energy Joule takes pricing and consumption data from the home's smart meter and simplifies it into an easy-to-read format, enabling the homeowner to understand their energy usage at a glance.

A Program to Drive Smarter Energy Consumption Choices

Pritesh Gandhi | Ambient Devices

Can you tell us a bit about the upcoming program you are setting up with Hydro One aimed at driving smarter energy consumption choices?

Hydro One will deploy Ambient’s Energy Joule to select customers to encourage them to shift their consumption of electricity when it costs less.  This deployment is in line with Hydro One’s commitment to conservation and enables their customers to save money on electricity costs.   

When will the program begin and how will it be deployed?

Deployment of the Joules will begin in August 2013.  Hydro One will distribute the Joule directly to customers. 

How does the Energy Joule work?

The Energy Joule takes pricing and consumption data from the home’s smart meter and simplifies it into an easy-to-read format, enabling the homeowner to understand their energy usage at a glance. The Joule’s streamlined display monitors and communicates changes in energy prices by glowing in the intuitive colors of a stoplight: When the device glows red, energy prices are high; yellow, prices are above average; and green, prices are average or below average.

How will this program benefit Hydro One customers?

Real-time knowledge of energy demand and pricing gives customers the power to shift their energy usage to off-peak times when prices are lower. In addition, the device keeps customers conscious of how much energy they're using, and that awareness makes them more likely to change their habits and reduce consumption. The Energy Joule provides access to information that helps customers take advantage of lower prices and slash wasteful energy use, resulting in a lower energy bill.

How effective is the device at changing energy consumption patterns?

In pilot programs with utilities across the United States, Ambient’s energy products have proven to reduce individual household energy consumption by up to 25%, as explained in this independent study conducted by The Brattle Group.

Have you determined the probable payback to Hydro One for this program in terms of energy as well as dollars?

The payback for this program has not been calculated at this time.

I have had a smart meter in my home for a year or so and was amazed that the utility did nothing to educate me or win me over to the idea of energy conservation when they installed it. How did you convince Hydro One to give their customers a device to get them involved in their energy use?

Hydro One is a market leader and has embraced technology solutions as part of their customer service strategy. We are proud that The Ambient Energy Joule has been selected as a part of Hydro One’s commitment to empower their customers to save money and conserve.


Pritesh Gandhi Bio

Pritesh has more than 15 years of experience building companies focused on delivering innovative consumer applications across multiple industries. In addition to overseeing Ambient Devices operations and strategy, he has been the driving force behind the company's expansion into the In-Home Display market. Through his direction and management of Ambient's retail partnerships, the company has brought over one million units to the shelves of retailers including Best Buy, WalMart and Brookstone.

Pritesh received his BS and MBA from Boston University, where he concentrated in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. While pursing his MBA, he wrote the business plan for Ambient Devices and co-founded the company shortly after graduation.

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