SPI does a good job of organizing the business areas of interest in a logical manner making it easier to focus on those areas that are important to our business.

SPI 2014 - Interview with Rita Hazen of Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Rita Hazen | Joyce/Dayton Corp.

What are the primary features of SPI that you focus on (i.e. Show floor, training, seminars etc.)?

Show floor

What makes SPI an important show for your company?

It is the largest domestic show for the solar industry which is an important sector of our overall business.

What is the main goal of your SPI booth and presence at the show?

It is to highlight our heritage and expertise in solar to new prospects and existing customers.

Who are you trying to attract at SPI and how do you go about it?

OEM's in the area of solar tracking products.

Do you attend other tradeshows and if so where does SPI rank in order of importance for you?

Yes, we attend both domestic and international shows. SPI is one of the most important for our business.

What does SPI do right and how could they improve?

SPI does a good job of organizing the business areas of interest in a logical manner making it easier to focus on those areas that are important to our business.


Rita Hazen, Director of Marketing

Joyce/Dayton Corp., the leading manufacturer of Jacks, Actuators, and Lifting Systems in North America. Joyce/Dayton has been building lifting equipment since 1873.  We are known in the industry by the high standard we set on product quality, customer service and by our skillful customization of products to meet customer specifications. We serve satisfied customers on all seven continents

Joyce Dayton Corp

Joyce Dayton Corp

Joyce/Dayton offers a complete line of solar tracking drive jacks specifically designed for heavy-duty tracking applications. These jacks position loads at speeds typical of the solar industry.

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Sun tracking is accomplished through azimuth and elevation (screw jack) drives that require a high degree of accuracy and durability.
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