TRA Snow and Sun modifies Solar Tile Mount to adjust vertically for use on S-tile tile roofs to provide adequate air flow between solar panels and the tile roof.

Case Study: Solar Tile Mount Provides Adequate Air Flow Between Solar Panels And Tile Roof

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Six years ago, in the hot desert climate of Las Vegas, Sol-up was founded by Frank Rieger of Germany.  Recognizing the unique heat issues in this part of the world, Rieger realized that he needed to find a way to maintain adequate airflows between a home’s tile roof surface and the solar modules.

High temperatures can cause inverters to overheat, causing inefficiency and possibly failure.  Many roofs like the Santeren house in Las Vegas are the S-tile variety which poses an even more c hallenging issues than other types of roofing because tiles sit higher, creating less air space between roofing and modules.  In addition, mounting attachments need to be attached to a truss, purlin, beam, etc, but must be placed in the barrel part of the tile.  Sometimes those two things don’t line up, and tiles have to be cut and replaced, which is time consuming and expensive.



Sol-up considered all types of mounting solutions, including railless systems. They decided on TRA Snow and Sun’s Solar Tile Mounts which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically with a height up to 6″, meaning they can be attached to the truss or rafter with no tile cutting needed.  Sol-up also uses the mounts on other roof tiles, including concrete tiles.  Screws were used to attach the mounting to the structure but no special flashing was required.



The micro-inverters on the modules are now kept at a relatively low temperature, increasing their longevity, while bringing down the costs due to equipment failure.  Installation was fast, meaning less cost passed on to the customer.

Tu Anh Tran of Sol-up said, “We really love TRA Snow and Sun’s Solar Tile Mounts. They are made out of high quality material, extruded aluminum and divert the mount around the tile instead of going directly through the tile, which decreases install time, and doesn’t compromise the strength or coverage of the customer’s tile. The wide base of the hook makes the mount very easy to adjust.  The new tile hook allowed for fast and easy installation. It also helps increase the longevity of our microinverters. Additionally, we are very happy with the great customer service that TRA provides and we want to continue the relationship with TRA.”


Sol-Up USA is a locally operated and privately owned solar panel service and installation company in Las Vegas, NV. Sol-Up is committed to transforming the energy landscape of Nevada and to make Las Vegas the solar capital of the world by offering the best prices and excellent customer service, making solar affordable to both residential and business clients.



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TRA Snow and Sun

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