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An important part of our business is to provide information so that our readers can learn more about Alternate Energy. The following list of links should keep you busy for a while.

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Steady State Geothermal
Simply Smarter. By taking advantage of the steady underground temperature of the earth just below the frost line, geothermal systems provide the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost effective space conditioning system available today – 24/7, rain or shine, all year long. Steady State™ offers geothermal system feasibility and investment analysis, design, construction and project management services to reduce your energy costs, improve indoor comfort and increase property value.

Omnipotent Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Designers, Integrators and installers for Solar PV Systems, Grid tie and off-Grid type including site surveys and Reports.

Energy Automation Resource
Energy Automation Resource utilizes cutting edge software by DG Logik Inc. Standard protocols; Bacnet, Modbus & wireless from any web enabled device from PC's, tablets & smartphones. Ongoing performance modeling to ensure comfort & performance with maximum saving's for electric/gas/water consumption.

Solar Panel Stuff
Get facts, information about solar panels and how well they work given a your location, and their efficiency. Text, info graphics and videos.

BPS Asset Management
The BPS Asset Management and Monitoring Software has been developed for PV Asset Managers and Owners with diverse portfolios who require a single system of reference to operate effectively and efficiently. Providing a wholistic management solution, the BPS platform closes the gaps between performance monitoring, contract obligations, asset tracking, maintenance, warranty, and reporting. Learn how the BPS Software will improve your operations by contacting

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