Topping plans for the New Year is a concerted "push" for swift enactment and then successful implementation of comprehensive energy legislation that is currently stalled in the U.S. Senate.

Washington, D.C. December 8, 2003--The Board of Directors of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) established an aggressive agenda and strong leadership team for calendar year 2004 at their year-end meeting last week in New York City. Topping plans for the New Year is a concerted "push" for swift enactment and then successful implementation of comprehensive energy legislation that is currently stalled in the U.S. Senate. The measure would provide important tax incentives for battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles and related infrastructure, as well as authorities to undertake significant new federal programs to assist industry in the research, development, demonstration and commercialization of electric drive technologies. "EDTA's policy agenda tops the list of important initiatives that EDTA will undertake in the coming year; Congress must act immediately to put in place the financial incentives and programs that can help to assure that our nation reaps the national energy security, environmental and economic benefits promised by the advent of electric drive transportation," stated EDTA Co-Chairman Eugene Zeltmann, President and CEO of the New York Power Authority.

A second priority for EDTA is the conduct of its third "Electric Drive Transportation Industry Conference" (ETIC-04), which will be held in Kissimmee, Florida, September 21 to 23. Following on the heels of EDTA's successful EVS-20 symposium, next year's conference promises to be 2004's largest gathering of the international electric drive industry. "EDTA has a growing, and well-earned reputation as the world's premier organizer of electric drive industry events. ETIC-04 is being planned to offer the industry the most comprehensive and 'hands on' forum for information exchange, business venture development, market forecasting and sales," stated EDTA Co-Chairman Douglas West, Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs for Toyota.

EDTA also plans to overhaul its website in 2004 to provide more information and better navigation to the more than 15,000 visitors it welcomes each month to www.electricdrive.org. The website also is an important grassroots lobbying tool for the organization. Through the EDTA "Legislative Action Center", the organization generated nearly 3,000 e-mails to
Congress this year calling for incentives and government support for electric drive.

Finally, EDTA will continue and expand services to its membership, including the Association's newsletter "Electric Drive Update", the "Industry Leaders" interview series, and its electronic news clipping service, "E-Media Watch".

The Board elected its leadership team for 2004, retaining all of the officers from this year. Returning as Co-Chairmen of EDTA are Douglas West and Eugene Zeltmann, cited above. The Secretary will be Ed Kjaer, the Director of Electric Transportation for Southern California Edison; and the treasurer will be Frank Ingriselli, President of Global Venture Investments, LLC. "EDTA will continue to reap the benefits of a strong and proven leadership team in 2004. I am delighted that these 'veterans', who oversaw the aggressive and successful execution of the EDTA program this year will be returning in 2004, thereby insuring that EDTA will pursue its goals and objectives aggressively and successfully," stated Kateri Callahan, President of EDTA.

Finally, the EDTA Board announced the departure of Kateri Callahan as President effective January 1, 2004. Ms. Callahan stated, "I have both gratitude and profound respect for the Board, EDTA members and staff, and I expect to contribute to their important efforts to advance the use of electric drive technologies through my new position." Ms. Callahan has been named President of the Alliance to Save Energy. In announcing her departure, Co-Chairman West stated, "Kateri Callahan has been an important voice for the electric drive industry for nearly 15 years. The EDTA Board and membership wish her every success in her new position and are confident that she will continue to be a moving force in the electric drive industry." The EDTA Board of Directors appointed Gail Hendrickson, EDTA Vice President, as the acting head of the organization while a search is undertaken to fill the vacancy.

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