SDC Deploys Open Source Anti-Spam Solution to Combat Growing Spam Epidemic

Raleigh, NC - February 25, 2004 - Solar Data Centers, Inc. (SDC), the world's only company using solar energy to power every aspect of an organization's Internet operations, today announced the integration of SpamAssassin, the industry's leading open-source anti-spam solution, as a standard feature in all SDC services. Effective immediately, this functionality will be integrated into SDC's hosting services at no additional charge.

"Despite the signing of the CAN-SPAM act late last year, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of spam sent to our servers over the past few months. To stay ahead of the latest spamming techniques we needed to address the challenge with a complete, proven solution. We believe that SpamAssassin is the answer," said Steve May, president, Solar Data Centers. "This tool easily and quickly configures to the varied requirements of our customers and is widely known as the open-source standard for spam filtering and management."

SpamAssassin successfully differentiates between spam and non-spam messages 95% to 99% of the time. SpamAssassin identifies spam using a one-of-a-kind rules database. SpamAssassin assigns a score to each message that passes through SDC's e-mail servers. The ranking system assigns good messages a negative score, such as -3.1, and spam messages are assigned a positive score ranging up to +4.0. The remaining e-mail messages are then correctly routed to the intended recipient. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds to complete. SDC administrators consistently adjust the SpamAssassin ranking system based on the level and quality of e-mail passing through SDC's mail servers.

Once e-mail messages are determined not to be spam, they are then checked for viruses in real time, providing protection against mass mailing worms and viruses at the server. Sophisticated threat reduction technology provides a powerful means of preventing even previously unidentified e-mail-aware worms from entering your e-mail, without requiring an update of your anti-virus software.

About Solar Data Centers, Inc.

Solar Data Centers, Inc. (SDC) is the only company in the world using solar energy to run every aspect of an organization's Internet operations. SDC provides a full range of Web services to more than 300 clients, most of which are corporations and non-profits interested in renewable energy and environmental issues. SDC utilizes exclusively 100% solar energy to power its servers, offering a broad range of complementary services such as Web hosting, system administration, Web site design, network security, programming and database management. Solar Data Centers derives its power from solar panels installed throughout the country. Using Green Certificates -- vouchers that organizations purchase to guarantee that renewable energy enters the general power grid -- each dollar spent with SDC is guaranteed to support renewable energy sources. For more information, call 1-800-830-3415 or visit

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