Dental lab uses Xantrex PV Inverter to harvest the Sun's energy

A Xantrex PV Series Inverter is helping Great White Dental Lab achieve its goal of being the first company in California's Santa Barbara County to use solar power to meet 100 per cent of its power needs.

SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., April 28, 2004 - A Xantrex PV Series Inverter is helping Great White Dental Lab achieve its goal of being the first company in California's Santa Barbara County to use solar power to meet 100 per cent of its power needs.

A Xantrex PV-100 Inverter is at the heart of the solar system designed by Shell Solar and Solar Power Systems, Inc., which is installed in the lab's parking lot. The Xantrex inverter converts the DC energy produced by the solar panels into electricity to run the facility, including the furnaces used to manufacture replacement teeth.

"The Xantrex PV Series Inverter is cost-effective and reliable and will help Big White meet their goal of reducing their energy bill through solar power," said John White, Xantrex national accounts manager for renewable energy. "Xantrex is pleased to be supporting the company's efforts to use alternate energy sources."

Great White's objective is to generate more renewable power than it actually uses. Since the PV Inverter is connected to the utility grid, the power produced by the lab's solar system flows into the grid. When the system produces more power than the lab uses, the utility company issues a credit to pay for the excess power.

Jeff Gough, co-owner of Great White Dental Lab, says that in addition to being an environmentally responsible thing to do, installing solar panels and the PV Inverter is helping their business, "We've set our energy costs and the credit we get for any excess power helps lower our energy bills."

Designed for cost-effectiveness, high performance, easy installation and reliability Xantrex utility-interactive, three-phase PV Series inverters are available in models ranging from 10 kW to 225 kW. The inverters meet all applicable UL, IEEE, and NEC codes.

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