Xantrex SW Power Panels energize Alaska wilderness lodges

When the Kenai Fjords Day Lodge and Wilderness Lodge off-grid power systems needed to be upgraded, owner Kenai Fjords Tours looked to Xantrex and renewable energy dealer Polar Wire Products to design and install a renewable energy system for the two buildings.

BURNABY, B.C., CANADA, July 26, 2004 - Alaska's Resurrection Bay is a remote and environmentally sensitive area that is home to many species of sea mammals and birds. Each year, thousands of tourists travel to the area to explore its natural beauty. While there, many visit the Kenai Fjords Day Lodge and Wilderness Lodge, both on Fox Island.

When the lodge's off-grid power systems needed to be upgraded, owner Kenai Fjords Tours looked to Xantrex and renewable energy dealer Polar Wire Products to design and install a renewable energy system for the two buildings.

Polar Wire Products recommended using a Xantrex SW 5548 Dual Power Panel to provide power for the Day Lodge and an SW 4024 Dual Power Panel at the Wilderness Lodge. Power Panels are designed for easy onsite assembly and connection to a renewable energy source such as solar panels, wind generator or micro-hydro system.

"Because of its versatility, the SW Power Panel was the logical choice," said Polar Wire president, Marvin Kuentzel. "It provides AC power for appliances, DC power to charge batteries when another source of AC power is available, and the inverters can be programmed to efficiently manage backup generator run time."

Xantrex Power Panels can be custom configured to address specific power needs and are a cost-effective solution for off-grid applications.

"The addition of the SW Power Panels has made a very nice improvement to the quality and the amount of electricity available at the facilities," said Kenai's operations coordinator, Ron Wille. "We like them so much that we decided to highlight our use of renewable energy by placing the 5548 Power Panel in a really nice room with a big viewing window. Everyone who comes off the boats sees the inverters."

Xantrex Power Panels are designed to meet a wide range of customer energy requirements. They are available in single or dual inverter/charger configurations and include SW or SW Plus Inverter/Chargers, conduit boxes, controller, mounting plate and other balance of system components. Some of the equipment installed at the Fox Island lodges includes:

Day Lodge
SW5548 Dual Power Panel
BP275U Solar Panels (300 watts)
Air 403 48 volt 400 watts
Surrette 4-KS-25PS 1900ah batteries (12 each 4 volt series string)
Specialty Concepts ASC 48/12 controller

Wilderness Lodge
SW4024 Dual Power Panel
BP275U Solar Panels (300 watts)
Air 403 24 volt 400 watts
Surrette 6-CS-25PS 1165ah batteries (8 each 6 volt series/parallel string)
Prostar 30 amp controller

About Polar Wire Products
Polar Wire Products specializes in remote off-grid and hybrid power systems for the harsh Alaskan environment. The company is based in Anchorage, Alaska. Additional information about Polar Wire Products is available at www.polarwire.com

About Xantrex
Xantrex Technology Inc. (TSX:XTX) is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced power electronic products and systems for the distributed, mobile and programmable power markets. The company's products convert raw electrical power from any central, distributed, or backup power source into high-quality power required by electronic and electrical equipment.

Xantrex is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company has facilities in Arlington, Washington; Livermore, California; Elkhart, Indiana and Barcelona, Spain. Additional information about Xantrex is available at www.xantrex.com.

Note that this news release may contain forward-looking statements related to Xantrex Technology Inc. Such statements reflect the current views of Xantrex with respect to future events and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in these forward-looking statements.


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