Nextek Power Systems now listed by the California Energy Commission.

The Nextek product increases system efficiency, provides backup lighting, and eliminates the need for a complex, sometimes costly, utility interconnect agreement.

Long Island, NY and Los Angeles, CA. Nextek Power Systems announced today that their product is now listed on the California Energy Commission website in the list of Eligible Inverters for Solar Energy Systems. Although not actually an inverter, the NPS-1000 is commonly used in commercial solar system installations instead of an inverter. The Nextek product increases system efficiency, provides backup lighting, and eliminates the need for a complex, sometimes costly, utility interconnect agreement.

The Nextek system combines solar energy and grid energy to power the lighting system. Nextek dramatically increases efficiency by connecting solar panels directly to high-efficiency DC (direct current) fluorescent ballasts in standard light fixtures. The power for the lighting comes directly from the sun at almost 98% efficiency. Additional power, when needed at night or on cloudy days, is taken from the grid and converted to DC to supplement the power from the solar panels. Unlike an inverter based solar system, the Nextek system stays on during a power failure and can provide backup lighting. Other sources besides solar and other DC loads beyond lighting can be used as well.

"Listing on the CEC Website is a major advance in the acceptance of our Direct Coupling® technology. Not only does it validate our product for dealers and installers around the world, but it also clearly identifies the NPS-1000 as an effective alternative to an inverter."
- Paul Savage, CEO

The listed efficiency of the NPS-1000 of 94%, plus 4% increase in ballast efficiency allows Nextek to publish an outstanding integrated system efficiency value of 98%. This efficiency, combined with the ability to provide lighting during a power failure at no additional cost, makes the Nextek system a clear 'best choice' for a commercial lighting system.

The Nextek Power System is based on the innovative NPS-1000, an intelligent router for power. This smart device powers the lighting using all available electricity from the solar panels plus any needed additional power from the utility grid.
In the event of a grid outage, power is taken from the solar panels and, optionally, from batteries. Power is used where, when, and how it is generated.
A full graphical demonstration can be seen on the website or at

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