Can Super Heroes with Super Powers Come to the Rescue With Energy Solutions as Nation Battles High Energy Prices,Tight Supplies, Increased Pollution?

Tune in to Alliance to Save Energy's Humorous, New 'Super Powers' TV, Radio, Web PSA Campaign

Washington D.C., July 2005 - Perhaps Super Heroes with Super Powers can save the day and come to the rescue with energy solutions as our nation battles high energy prices, galloping demand, tight supplies, increased pollution, and energy security threats.

Responding to consumer angst over high energy bills, the Alliance to Save Energy has taken to the nation's airwaves with new, humorous Super Powers TV and radio spots-and webisodes- which are part of a total Alliance public service campaign to help consumers lower their energy bills and the nation reduce its energy use.

The TV spots highlight the tale of Gene and Louise, Super Heroes with Super Powers, as they go about saving energy. A very masculine-looking Gene in his trim blue Super Hero attire, complete with family crest, dons a frilly apron to cook a turkey with his laser vision glasses that look like they stepped out of the X-Men. Distracted, Gene "cooks" the dish towel, too; it goes up in flames. Imagine what happens when he later makes fondue....

His equally buff wife Louise-called "Starbright" for her capability to light up a room without electricity-sports matching Super Heroine attire complete with slinky gloves and "kick butt" boots. She's tall and blonde like the rest of the Super Hero family-including the dog, a Golden retriever. The scene: A darkened room to fit the family's extreme "energy conservation" lifestyle. Overcompensating with her Super Powers to meet her frustrated 'tween daughter's plea for a "little light," Starbright creates a blinding light with her orb which causes the daughter and dog to don big, thick, black arctic glasses.

Watching from his window, bemused neighbor Bob finds these over-the-top Super Heroes "aren't so super at saving energy." Pretending to have Super Powers himself, Bob "adjusts" the programmable thermostat but admits he really doesn't even have to lift a finger to save money, energy, and the planet every day when energy-efficiency/Energy Star does the job for him.

The Super Powers theme is continued onto the Web with a "top secret" interactive Project Super Powers web site that will debut later in July. All campaign elements will drive traffic to the Alliance's new consumer web site which offers a comprehensive subsection of Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills covering all types of energy and energy-related consumer needs.

The accompanying Super Powers radio PSAs take place in a Super Heroes training camp where an array of Super Heroes create havoc testing out their various alleged energy- and money-saving Super Powers. The Creative Studio of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide created and produced the new PSAs, Super Hero design icon, and Project Super Powers web site.

"To break through the media clutter and brand the benefits of home energy efficiency/Energy Star," notes Alliance Communications and Marketing Director Rozanne Weissman, "the Alliance has created a niche with its humorous PSA series of wild and wacky experiments to save energy compared to the ease of using today's energy-efficiency technologies to do the job for us. The Alliance's first PSA took a serious approach following the OPEC oil embargo of the '70s with actor Gregory Peck as spokesperson for its campaign, 'Don't Blow It, America.'"

Simultaneously, she announced that the Alliance would also re-release its critically acclaimed Static Electricity House TV PSAs which feature a family's wild experiment to deal with high energy prices by powering their home with static electricity. But that approach also has many humorous drawbacks. Static was judged and voted the #2 greatest commercial in the world in 2002 (CBS World's Greatest Commercials), was also featured on ABC and BBC networks best commercials shows, and received awards and ad industry praise in ADWEEK and

Alliance funding partners for the public service campaign bring together federal and state government and industry-the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA). PSAs are customized for New York State where recognition of the Energy Star label (symbol of energy-efficiency) is 90 percent.

Visit the Alliance Multimedia Screening Room to preview the TV and radio spots, storyboard, and scripts- TV spots in :60, :30, and :15 and radio spots in :60 and :30 are available to networks, stations, and channels from TV Access, phone: 630-790-3300, fax: 630-790-3325, or email:

The Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security

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