Two Canadian Companies Win Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards at Expo 2005

Spheral Solar Power, of Cambridge (Ontario), and Carmanah Technologies Corporation, of Victoria (British Columbia), were chosen by the Japan Association to receive Global 100 Eco-Tech awards.

AICHI, JAPAN, August 19, 2005: Minister of Canadian Heritage and Minister responsible for Status of Women Liza Frulla announced that Spheral Solar Power, of Cambridge (Ontario), and Carmanah Technologies Corporation, of Victoria (British Columbia), were chosen by the Japan Association to receive Global 100 Eco-Tech awards. These awards recognize companies that are making an effort to address global environmental challenges.

"Expo 2005 presents us with a wonderful opportunity to share our expertise and technology with the world," said Minister Frulla. "I am very pleased that the Japan Association has chosen two forward-looking Canadian businesses. These companies contribute to solving the environmental problems of today and tomorrow."

A division of ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc., Spheral Solar Power develops and manufactures Spheral Solar(TM) Technology for use in the construction, transportation, recreation, and power generation industries.
The technology involves the use of lightweight, flexible solar cells which require sunlight to generate electricity.

"Solar energy will continue to experience dramatic growth through the end of this decade and beyond with many experts predicting growth at over 35 percent annually. The market is ready for progressive new technologies like Spheral Solar(TM), which can be adapted and integrated into many different types of building materials, said Milfred Hammerbacher, President of Spheral Solar Power. "It is a great honour to be representing Canada at Expo 2005."

Carmanah Technologies Corporation is a world leader in energy efficient lighting and illumination products. It uses light emitting diode (LED) technology in a range of products such as illuminated signs, pedestrian beacons, marine and aviation lights, and solar-powered illuminated bus stops.

"Lighting accounts for up to one-third of global electricity consumption and
2.9 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year," said Art Aylesworth, Carmanah's CEO and Director. "With over 250,000 alternative energy and LED lighting products installed in 110 countries, Carmanah Technologies is helping to reduce lighting's environmental footprint. We are proud to be representing Canada's leadership in sustainable technologies at Expo 2005."

The Japan Association, which manages the 2005 World Exposition, selected one hundred companies from more than 280 submissions proposed by governments and international organizations. Five companies from Canada were submitted by the Globe Foundation of Canada, a private, non-profit foundation created to help companies capitalize on international opportunities in the business of the environment.

"We know Canada is often thought of in terms of its natural beauty, but we also have world-class businesses and technology leading the way in many fields," said Norman Moyer, Commissioner General for Canada at the 2005 World Exposition. "Expo provides us with an opportunity to highlight this important aspect of our country."

The Canada Pavilion has been drawing considerable crowds since opening on March 25, 2005, averaging nearly 15 000 visitors a day. The Pavilion explores the theme of diversity through a multi-sensory experience of Canadian culture, environment, and identity.

The 2005 World Exposition is being held until September 25 in Aichi, Japan.
For more information on Canada's programming at Expo, and to participate in a variety of activities, please visit the Web site at

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