Solar and Wind Energy Pays Off for Grid-Tied Homeowners

Homeowners are plugging in to a hot new idea - reduce or eliminate electric bills by using free energy from the sun and wind. In a straight-talking new book, GOT SUN? GO SOLAR, authors Ewing and Pratt tell other grid-tied homeowners how to use solar/wind energy.

From Vermont to California homeowners are plugging in to a hot new idea - reduce or eliminate electric bills by using free energy from the sun and wind. In a straight-talking new book, GOT SUN? GO SOLAR, authors Rex Ewing and Doug Pratt tell other grid-connected homeowners how to capture solar/wind energy and put it to use in their home.

Renewable energy is going mainstream, thanks to affordable new technologies with rebates and incentives from many states. Today more and more homeowners believe that installing a home RE system is the economically-attractive and environmentally-responsible thing to do. Whether they install a solar/wind system to benefit their checkbooks or to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, they also enjoy the added independence of a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

The authors know firsthand how these systems work: Rex Ewing, author of Power With Nature, has lived off-the-grid in the Colorado Rockies since 1999; and Doug Pratt, the former technical editor of the Solar Living Sourcebook, who lives in a grid tied home in northern California, has been on the front lines of the renewable energy revolution since 1985.

Author Doug Pratt says, "In the past ten years the cost of solar power has dropped 50 percent, bringing this personally-empowering technology into easy reach of most homeowners. Within the next 10-15 years we'll reach a point where building a house without solar power will be like building one without insulation."

"Got Sun? Go Solar: Get Free Renewable Energy to Power Your Grid-Tied Home" covers battery back-up versus non-battery systems, as well as equipment needed and installation considerations. Other topics include legal and safety issues, incentives, rebates, permits and paperwork. An extensive appendix of resources, state energy offices, system sizing worksheets, and much more turns this 160 page book filled with over 120 photos and illustrations into a must-have book for anyone interested in exploring their power options.

GOT SUN? GO SOLAR (ISBN 09658098-7-0) is available at bookstores and for $18.95.

PixyJack Press, LLC is a solar and wind-powered independent publisher in Colorado. Other energy titles include POWER WITH NATURE, and HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff Cool Science.

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