Solectria Renewables Adds 90kW Inverter to its Photovoltaic Inverter Product Line

This new full-featured, UL1741-listed product can be installed in PV installations ranging in size from 90kW to 1MW.

Lawrence, MA, October 4, 2005 - Solectria Renewables LLC announced today it has added a 90kW inverter, the PVI90kW, to its existing product line of 1.8kW to 77kW residential and commercial grid-tied PV inverters.

This new full-featured, UL1741-listed product can be installed in PV installations ranging in size from 90kW to 1MW.

"We have worked closely with our customers to develop a product that is well-suited for any commercial grid-tied PV installation," said James Worden, CEO of Solectria Renewables. "Based on their detailed input and feedback, the PVI90KW includes AC and DC disconnects, built-in transformer and filters and a contactor to off-line the unit for zero nighttime loss."

Solectria Renewables introduced its first large commercial integrated inverter in 2004, when it delivered a 75 kW unit to a European customer. Since then, the PVI60KW, PVI77KW and PVI90KW inverter family has been designed for both 208VAC and 480VAC applications. They are built on the same platform to offer the best customer value. All six versions are listed to UL1741 and meet NY requirements. The PVI77KW unit is on the CEC eligible equipment list.

With grid-tied inverters ranging from 1.8 to 90kW, Solectria Renewables can now offer leading features and value for PV systems ranging from 1kW to 1MW. The whole lineup offers high reliability, premium efficiency and a high level of integration minimizing installed cost by reducing installation time and materials required. Datasheets and string sizing on these products is available at:

Solectria Renewables, LLC, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is a leader in the development and manufacture of a wide range of inverters for renewable power applications.

Solectria Renewables' inverters will be on display at two upcoming events:

- 2005 Clean Energy Conference, Sept. 26, New Brunswick, NJ

- Solar Power 2005, Oct 6-9, 2005, Washington DC

- Building Energy, March 2006, Boston, MA

Other PV Inverter Product Background:

PVI13KW: Solectria Renewables has been delivering its advanced, highly integrated PVI13KW inverter since mid-2004 giving customers significant feature and value benefits. This inverter has been expanded to cover 480VAC connections as well as 208VAC. It includes AC and DC disconnects, built-in transformer, filters and a contactor to off-line the unit at night for zero energy loss. It includes a novel option of a built-in 7-fuse DC combiner. All of these features minimize installed cost and provide a clean, simple installation.

PVI1800 & PVI2500: After 3 years of development, testing and customer trials, the full-featured, pre-wired 1800W and 2500W single-phase PV inverters achieved listing to UL1741 earlier this year. With CEC and NY approval, these sleek indoor/outdoor units are available across the United States. This inverter is available for 240VAC or 208VAC use with no power de-rating due to selected voltage or temperature (up to 130F ambient!).

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