First commercially available Fuel Cell Vehicle!

The first batch produced hydrogen vehicles in Europe are now being used in hospitals, municipalities, waste plants and other similar commercial applications.

The first batch produced hydrogen vehicles in Europe are now being used in hospitals, municipalities, waste plants and other similar commercial applications.

In the fall of 2005 the Danish based companies H2 Logic and A. Flensborg released the first hydrogen truck (H2 Truck). The H2 Truck is now ready for production and the first batch of 6 vehicles has already been rolled out of the assembly line and into use. The H2 Truck is a small vehicle used in many different operation fields including luggage hauling, small commercial vehicles, hospitals and ports.

Existing vehicles use batteries to store energy which can need long recharge times and can often require additional vehicles. H2 Truck have developed a Fuel Cell Power Unit which incorporates a technology that effectively doubles the storage capacity compared to existing technologies. The refilling of hydrogen only takes a few minutes compared to the 6-8 hours of charging that is often necessary with existing batteries.

The keys for the first 6 H2 Trucks were handed over on Monday the 27th February 2006 and the trucks have already started work in hospitals and municipalities. Here they will be used to drag wagons with food or laundry or as maintenance vehicles in parks in the inner cities.

"We have the first six H2 Trucks driving in five different locations, and this will give us real time drive experience, which will provide crucial data, before we can optimize later versions of the H2 Truck and other niche transport applications" Says Director for H2 Logic, Jacob Hansen.

H2 Logic has developed a Fillingstation to compliment the H2 Truck. The H2 Truck is not refilled in the traditional sense of the term. The innovative Hydrogen Canisters (which appear like briefcases) are interchanged much like a battery, but require approx 6% of the standard battery recharge time (8hrs). Working on a standard 8hr recharge time, the FillingStation can refill over 10 times the equivalent volume of batteries in the same time.The FillingStation makes the H2 Truck concept complete and safe, since the pressure is at a maximum of 20bars within the system. Both the H2 Truck and the FillingStation are CE certified.

International surveys and reports show that niche transport applications will be some of the first commercial markets for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and the H2 Truck is one of the first products to hit the commercial market.

Facts on the H2 Truck
2kW DC motor
1,5kW PEM Fuel Cell
4000 litres of onboard hydrogen storage
Drivetime on batteries is 6-8 hours
Drivetime on hydrogen is 12-16 hours
Refilling of hydrogen takes less than 2 minutes
230V/110V AV outlet, 1000W output and 2000W peak
Hydrogen stored in metal hydrides.

Further information:
Visit or
Director, Jacob Hansen, H2 Logic, tel.: +45 9627 5601,
Working in partnership with Fuel Cell Markets

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