Smartcool enters golf course market

Smartcool enters golf course market; announces five year energy savings installation agreement "Smartcool's Green Technology Hits the Green in Las Vegas"

Smartcool enters golf course market; announces five year energy savings installation agreement

"Smartcool's Green Technology Hits the Green in Las Vegas"

VANCOUVER, May 3, 2006 - Smartcool Systems Inc. (OTC.PK: SSCFF;TSXV: SSC), an advanced energy savings technology company, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement to share in the energy savings generated from the installation of the ESM 4000 Energy Savings Module with Siena Golf Club located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Under this program Smartcool installs the ESM 4000, collects data for a one month period to verify the KW savings and calculates the annual savings available to the customer. In consideration for Smartcool installing the equipment at its cost, the customer agrees to share the monthly savings equally with Smartcool and also authorize the Utility to pay the rebate directly to Smartcool which will offset some of the capital cost of the equipment to be installed.

The benefit to the customer is the increase in monthly cash flow as expenses are reduced. The benefit to Smartcool is the recurring revenue it can receive during these five year renewable contracts.

This first install of a golf course facility will allow Smartcool to grow its business in this area through associated golf facilities. Smartcool has been actively marketing to Golf courses in the area due to favourable ambient conditions and high energy consumption seen in these facilities. Smartcool is in discussions with a number of other courses to enter into trial agreements.

About Smartcool Systems:

Smartcool distributes the Abbotly Technology that reduces electric usage on air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. The ESM 4000 works in conjunction with existing compressor equipment. It does not replace it and can improve upon existing savings systems. It does cause compressors to work at maximum efficiency but does not allow or cause over-cycling. Smartcool holds exclusive rights for the ESM in all of North America.

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