Solar Night Industries Launches Solar Synapse Research Project

Solar Night Industries, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: SLND.PK), today announced that it has launched the Solar Synapse Research Project, a collaborative attempt to visualize and describe what the most efficient and effective smart energy grid might be like, and to standardize its implementation.

Saint Louis, MO (Empire Newswire) July 25, 2006- Solar Night Industries, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: SLND.PK), today announced that it has launched the Solar Synapse Research Project, a collaborative attempt to visualize and describe what the most efficient and effective smart energy grid might be like, and to standardize its implementation. SNI calls it Solar Synapse because it acts like a brain, making the energy distribution system "smart," or self-aware. Ultimately, the Solar Synapse could re-engineer every standard item in the household energy array, from the fuse box to the wall plug. The Solar Synapse could be a major contributor to energy conservation efforts.

"Solar Night Industries was created as a "Solar Solutions" company," said SNI president Jason Loyet. "From its inception, SNI recognized that the solar industry was about to boom, and that the boom would present multiple opportunities. We think the Solar Synapse is one of the most important and far-reaching of these and could play a key role in long term energy conservation efforts."

The Solar Synapse Research Project will flesh out the details and create a formula for interoperability among varied applications and portions of the national energy grid, and lobby for its national and universal acceptance as one giant leap forward to energy independence. The Solar Synapse will give builders and construction companies, no matter what their size, the ability to install bundled systems that can communicate with one another and create significant energy savings for homeowners, developers and government.

Not only has SNI committed to manufacturing, distributing, and marketing a growing line of renewable energy product innovations (represented online in the Solar Night Store,, but the Company has become a strong advocate for the re-examination and re-design of the entire architecture of the current power grid.

"An energy grid had evolved with no central planning, but according to regional needs and whims," stated SNI chairman Rob Shambro. "It is no longer viable for modern energy distribution. We leave lights on when we leave rooms, leave TVs and radios blaring, and keep many of our electronic gadgets in "sleep" mode, which still drains the grid. We hit the air conditioners and heaters at the slightest degree of discomfort, due to the minimal cost that these activities generate. The Solar Synapse Research Project is as attempt to rein in these wastes."

With all the new renewable energy products and applications being developed and commercialized today, a new approach to energy consumption is finally possible which will be the focus of the Solar Synapse Research Project. With $100 billion dollars predicted as venture capital for the clean energy sector over the next seven years (New Energy Finance report, 7/06), re-thinking the grid was a natural and predictable consequence. This is the advent of truly smart energy.

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