Colorado Business Does Green Good

Colorado proves solar can be good for the business as well as good for the environment.

This Durango business makes the move to clean energy, and makes some extra green in the process. After his business costs went up, up, and up again from rising energy costs Brad Tarpley decided this spring that he'd had enough. Being in the outdoor industry, and keenly aware of the value of blue sky, it was only natural for Tarpley's R.V. to look at green energy sources.

Once Amendment 37 came through everything just fell into place. This amendment is clearly aimed at making it simple and economical to use clean energy in a business or residence in Colorado, making good for the environment good for the business. Once the decision was made, Tarpley called on an expert team from the Farmington based Independent Energy Center to produce a grid tied, expandable, solar electric system that met budget and other goals, including net metering.

Gary Wallace of I.E.C. worked through the entire process with the dealership, helping Tarpley assure a safe, efficient, and compliant design and installation. Gary worked with officials such as Dan Harms of LaPlata Electric Association on permitting and compliance, and tested and installed all components.

Because this system was activated Wednesday August 23rd, it is still too soon to tell exactly what impact it will have on Tarpley's electric bill, but conservative estimates run over 4,000 kilowatt hours. Add in revenue from the grid tie and other Amendment 37 rebates, tax credits, and other benefits, and it could translate to some serious spare change for this local dealer.

Following the passing of Amendment 37, businesses and residents from all over the state are lining up to put a little sunshine into their lives. Helping reduce our country's energy dependency, clean up the environment, and save some change to boot. Best of all, the legislation reduces the need for new taxpayer funded, pollution spewing power plants. Win, win, and win.

Read more about the incentives and the project at the Colorado Renewable Energy Society's website , or at , or write to

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