Conservation Services Group (CSG) today announces its participation in the EPA's Climate Leaders Program. The goal of the national energy services firm is to offset company-wide carbon dioxide (CO2) output by 100 percent through 2010, achieving "net zero" emissions status.

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 13, 2006 - Conservation Services Group (CSG) today announces its participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Leaders Program. By becoming involved, the goal of the national energy services firm is to offset company-wide carbon dioxide (CO2) output by 100 percent through 2010, achieving "net zero" emissions status.

The Climate Leaders Partnership, established by the EPA in 2002, is a voluntary program designed to help companies set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals. Partners track their progress and report to the EPA annually. As a Climate Leaders partner, CSG has committed to an aggressive program, involving the firm's 270 employees in 12 offices, to offset harmful CO2 emissions. Last year, CSG began analyzing the company's carbon "footprint" by taking inventory in several areas including paper and supplies usage, energy consumption and transportation. In this first year of formally tracking emissions, CSG's CO2 output totaled 2,036 metric tons. To help reduce these GHG emissions, CSG is implementing several measures such as transitioning all company vehicles to hybrids, installing motion sensors and light timers, reducing paper usage and streamlining travel. To offset its remaining CO2 emissions, CSG has purchased ClimateSAVE, the company's own 100 percent renewable

"Green-e" certified product. CSG is also defraying GHG emissions by other means, such as purchasing offsets from the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). According to Patricia Stanton, director of CSG's Clean Energy Markets Division, the company goal is to achieve net zero GHG emissions for the next several years.

Stanton maintains that regardless of a company's size or what they offer, reducing emissions can make a big difference. She said, "Many businesses, including CSG, do not build cars or use heavy equipment. However, we can all play a significant role by offsetting harmful CO2 emissions that result from our day-to-day business activities. These include maintaining office space, using electricity and traveling. By getting every type of company involved, we are all helping to solve a serious, worldwide problem. Through our collective efforts, we are demonstrating that taking action is entirely doable -- from both a technical and economic standpoint."

A non-profit organization, Conservation Services Group has been providing innovative energy efficiency technologies to consumers, corporations, municipalities, utilities and other groups since 1984. CSG established its Clean Energy Markets Division in 1996 to expand its expertise in energy services to the ever growing alternative energy sector. Through this division, CSG brokers renewable energy credits, manages solar installation programs and markets ClimateSAVE to organizations and individuals interested in reducing GHG emissions.

To learn more about CSG, visit www.conservationservicesgroup.com. For more information about ClimateSAVE, go to www.climatesave.com.

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