New, Online Service for Residential and Commercial Solar Energy Installations

The huge growth in requests for residential and commercial solar energy installations has resulted in the creation of a new company, Verde Energy, that provides online bids for residential and commercial customers who want a solar energy installation.

Huge Growth in Solar Energy Installations

Verde Energy the First Company to Provide Online, Multiple Bids
for Residential and Commercial
Solar Energy Installations

Austin, TX, (December 9, 2006): Verde Energy, based in Austin, Texas is the first company providing a one-stop, online source for homeowners and commercial businesses to obtain multiple quotes for installations of solar energy systems - saving time and money in the process while providing multiple bids and the high quality delivery of installations.

Recent requests for installations include Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C., homeowners throughout the U.S., a large, 2.7 MW installation in Nevada and a 180,000 sq. ft. hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

A new company, Verde Energy has received more than 1,000 requests for bids on residential and commercial solar energy installations in less than three months.

Up until now, when you wanted solar for your home or business you had to shop around. It's a big ticket item and most consumers want multiple bids. That means contacting the companies, being queried and qualified on the phone and - if it all checks out - a visit from the solar company a couple weeks later to see if your site will actually work for solar. Then there's the negotiating - and repeating this process for multiple bids.

Driven by the economics of energy and sizable rebates on the Federal, state and local levels, Verde pre-qualifies homeowners and businesses through an online assessment system - and then provides qualified leads to local solar contractors throughout the country for installation of the solar systems. Depending upon locale, consumers can expect an average of three competitive bids for their installation, all by pre-qualified local companies.

Verde is projecting growth of 10,000 solar energy requests in the next 12 months due to high-energy prices, sizable tax benefits (in some states paying for 70% of the system) and the ease of the Internet for obtaining multiple-bid pricing for solar systems - systems that are often the second most expensive purchase a homeowner will make.

ABOUT VERDE ENERGY, based in Austin, Texas was formed by two executives - Rob Powell, CEO and President and Chris Frothingham, COO (and Co-Founder). Both were formerly in the fossil-fuel, natural gas business. The company serves as a resource to homeowners and businesses pursuing renewable energy projects by matching service requests with prescreened contractors who provide competitive project quotes and expert consultation, installation and service. also helps renewable energy contractors obtain the most qualified leads possible by systematically attracting and conditioning prospects. More information at


Contact: John Reed, Media Relations
Verde Energy
(415) 846-4862

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