Jatropha Biodiesel Business plans preparation needs expertise, a better understanding of how to prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements. Therefore, the C J P have formulated various business plans from farming to fuel based on its extensive experience, research and knowledge.

Centre For Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) is the worldwide promoter of jatropha that designs and implements the growing of jatropha curcas crops in a structured Agri-Supply chain, Value additions of jatropha seeds and research activities thereon & provides support/services from "Soil to Oil" for development and establishment of the biofuel crop.

Based on our proprietary knowledge and extensive experience gained we have developed and enhanced a wide range of Products just to ensure "FAILSAFE JATROPHA FUEL FARMS"

Similar to the growth pattern of the Jatropha plant itself, interest in developing jatropha as a feedstock for biodiesel production is growing all around the world. Biodiesel is simply a powerful trend today. Both small and big players in the industry would like to have a slice in its success. Biodiesel is a very good alternative to common fuel. And it is good for the environment as well.

So if you wanted to be successful in the biodiesel industry, you need a perfect plan to know important factors. A business plan should be well-prepared because this is the backbone of your company. It needs time & proper attention to set every detail in your business plan. Your success shall be well written in there.

Biofuels' exciting growth prospects have drawn in investors Well-known/new entrepreneurs are pushing into the sector Just to facilitate we have introduced Jatropha Biodiesel farming business plans from farming to fuel based on our extensive experience, research and knowledge keeping in view the fact that "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail"

A Jatropha plantation in 10,000 ha can be summarized as below
Land area: 10,000 ha
Crop yields: 87,500 tons
Biodiesel Production: 10 million gallon per year
With an investment of $15 million, Sales of $ 24 million can be planned with a net profit of around 45%
Following steps are required to be taken in order to create FAILSAFE JATROPHA FUEL FARM after ascertaining land availability
Feasibility study Report
Formation of Business Plan
Appointment of Consultant
Farm Designing
Sourcing of elite planting stock
Execution of Plantation
Crop care

A business plan
Forces you to address all aspects of starting a Jatropha based Business
It is a road map of your of your business to follow a living business
Proves that you have considered all aspects and states how you are addressing them
Important for securing financing and investors

The preparation of Business plan needs expertise, a better understanding of how to prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements. This may seem like a complicated time consuming task. Therefore, just save to your time and money, make the task easy and provide you with the necessary tools to more effectively analyze financial statements and make informed business decisions we have formulated various Jatropha Biodiesel farming business plans from farming to fuel based on our extensive experience, research and knowledge. The plans can be obtained on payment of very reasonable charges dependent upon the intended Jatropha Business Plan.

For more details and enquiry about terms and conditions for obtaining the plans kindly mail to Director, Business Development(C J P)

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