New Book Unlocks the Mysteries of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

No longer does hydrogen need to be locked up in oil, coal or natural gas to supply energy to our economy. In "HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff Cool Science," author Rex Ewing explains exciting new technologies that can release hydrogen from fossil fuels, biomass and even water.

LOVELAND, COLORADO - April 2007 -- No longer does hydrogen need to be locked up in oil, coal or natural gas to supply energy to our economy. In his 2nd edition of "HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff Cool Science," author Rex A. Ewing explains the exciting new energy technologies that can release hydrogen from fossil fuels, biomass and even water, and how this will lead to hydrogen-powered cars, homes and cities.

After reading Ewing's book, Wall Street analyst Brion Tanous of Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. said, "This book is amazing. It has helped me explain the complex science of hydrogen to Wall Street investors."

Clean, renewable sources of energy for making hydrogen - including wind, solar and biomass - along with traditional sources of coal, natural gas, and nuclear power are discussed in detail. To help readers understand the impetus behind hydrogen energy, Ewing puts global warming and America's energy consumption into perspective. He even takes time to illuminate the difference between H-bombs and the hydrogen-for-energy concept.

"When people in the hydrogen industry asked for a book for non-scientists, I couldn't resist the challenge of taking vast amounts of complex information and making it both readable and entertaining," Ewing says. "I wanted to go beyond the political and economic rhetoric and explore the science, since it's the real beauty behind hydrogen energy."

Ewing, author of "Power with Nature" and "Got Sun? Go Solar", does whatever it takes to make science interesting and understandable without sacrificing substance. In his latest book, he enlists the help of a crafty wizard, a magical place called the Wasserstoff Farm and dozens of clever illustrations and photos to explore and explain the science of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and examine the cutting-edge technologies being developed to make a hydrogen economy possible.

Dr. Richard Treptow, retired Chemistry professor at Chicago State University says, "I highly recommend it to the journalists, economists and political leaders of our age in hopes that they will get the science correct when they speak of the most serious technical problem of our time."

"HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff Cool Science 2nd Edition: Discover the Future of Energy" by Rex A. Ewing ($25.00; ISBN 978-0-9773724-1-6; PixyJack Press) is available at bookstores, and online at

PixyJack Press, LLC is a solar and wind-powered independent publisher in Colorado.

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