According to forecasts, the solar energy market will grow by 300-1000% in the next five years in Spain, Italy and other main EU countries. Investments in the last two years also achieved records in the field of renewable energies.

According to REN21, companies and countries invested $48 billion in 2006, against $38 billion in 2005. More of Half of these funds were invested in solar energy.

The year 2020 could see enough solar power production around the Mediterranean countries (Spain, Italy, Greece) to power 26 million homes in that region, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association.
In 2007 the Global photovoltaic industry is expected to invest 2,6 billion euros in new production capacities.

EPIA estimates that investments until 2010 will raise to 14 billion in order to meet the increasing demand.
The recent favourable legislative frameworks set in different Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece is giving further confidence to investors.

Photovoltaics is today one of the most dynamic economic business and Spain is qualified as the model market for the expansion of the solar power sector in the entire Mediterranean area.

A great competitive advantage in Spain are the sunshine hours per year and the coupling of the feed-in tariffs to an index, i.e. compensation can generally be expected to increase from year to year. Whereas so far the electricity reference price was the basis, compensation will in future be coupled to the inflation rate.

The spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade presented the final draft of the new feed-in law on 26 March 2007. This law provides a feed-intariff of 44 eurocents/kWh for the first 25 years of operation for photovoltaic plants of a nominal output of 100 kW that feed electricity into the network. For large-scale PV plants remuneration of 42 eurocents/kWh is planned. The tariffs are linked to the inflation index.

So in Spain, the result is impressive and the advantages resulting from this coupling become obvious:
the inflation approach simply translates into additional profit.
With compound interest, this amounts to significant sums. The result is an increase of 2 % in overall capital returns. 1.5 % higher remuneration is reflected in the following figures:
- per kWp per annum approx. 70 to 80 EUR more profit
- for 100 kW this amounts to an additional profit of 7000 EUR, excluding compound interest!

Solar Energy Colsultants Ltd. (SEC), is a company located in Spain, dedicated to the services in Solar and Alternative Energies.
SEC has a portfolio of Photovoltaic Energy (FV plants) in Spain.
SEC can offer a Unique opportunity of Investment! to International Investors:

Photovoltaic plants "key in hand" with the following characteristics.
-+300 days of sunshine per year.
-~1,800 kWh per kWp per year.
-Investment for Individuals: Plants from 5 Kw to 100 Kw.
-Prices: from 6.5 /wp.
-Hight Yields returns.
-Posibility of Financing of the investment by Banks until a 80%.
-Investment for big Investors: large-scale FV parks from 1 Mw to 8 Mw at Negotiable Prices.

Now Is The Moment!

More details, please contact to SEC:
Pedro Rodrguez
Solar Energy Consultants Ltd. (SEC)
Jovellanos, 5
29002 MALAGA (Spain)

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