Introducing the TightWatt®2 Digital Pool Controller

Allen Concepts, Inc. has developed the TightWatt2 digital pool controller for use with 2-speed pumps that automatically adjust throughout the year to run less in the winter and more in the summer - the way your pool was meant to be run.

For pool owners this means a "green" alternative to traditional pool timers. This product should meet California energy company requirements for 2-speed controllers.

With the high energy costs associated with filtering your pool, pool pump manufacturers have developed 2-speed or viable speed pumps to help reduce run-time costs. The benefits of a two speed pump address the biggest concerns that pool owners have about their pumps the cost of operation and quietness of operation.

TightWatt2 can control your primary and booster pump, and the primary pump can be either single-speed or two-speed. Booster pump can be used to control a sweep, waterfall or other feature. Great for pool owners who is either upgrading to a two-speed pump or want the option in the future. Built-in lock-out ensures that the booster will not run unless the main pump is running. Our seasonal, year-round schedule combined with 2-speed efficiency means huge savings.

Go Green. Save Energy, Save Money

Energy costs are on the rise, making energy-efficient products a great investment. TightWatt2 pool controller, used with a 2-speed pump, can save $955 each year in energy costs*. The TightWatt2 pool controller was designed as a simple drop-in replacement for mechanical time switches - making the upgrade quick, easy and affordable!

"We are extremely excited about the opportunity consumers will have at saving energy and money with our TightWatt2. If you live in California, beginning in 2008, only multi-speed pool filtration pumps and motors will meet state energy requirements. The TightWatt2 is a great way to squeeze even more efficiency out of a 2-speed motor. You may be eligible for a rebate directly from your power company for the purchase of a TightWatt2 pool controller" says Stephen Allen, Inventor and President, Allen Concepts, Inc.

Advantages of the TightWatt2 Digital Pool Controller

Easy install Drop-in replacement for Intermatic® mechanical timers.
Controls up to (2) - 3hp motors.
Universal power supply - works on 110 & 220 volt.
Available with X-10® remote control.
Available with freeze control to protect pool plumbing from freezing temperatures.
Controls up to 2 devices.
Support for Fireman's switch (for pool heaters)
Runs 1 or 2 cycles per day.
Controls single or 2-speed pumps.
Backlit display for easy night viewing.
Service mode and DPST switches for increased safety.
Insulated terminals prevent shock.
Self-adjusts filter run-times to reduce energy costs.
Works with many energy company "time of use" programs.
9v battery back-up retains settings during power outages.
3-Year Warranty

TightWatt2 pool timers are available through your favorite pool dealer or online at Suggested retail price for TightWatt2 is $248.95.

* TightWatt2 energy savings based on PG&E rate of .23/kWh, 1-speed pump w/ 24-hour timer running 2.3 kW pump 8 hours each day vs. 2-speed pump (2.3kW/.6kW) with summer run-time of 2 hr. high, 8 hr. low, winter run-time of 1 hr. high, 2 hr. low. Individual results may vary.

For more information contact: Jeffrey A. Kramer, Marketing Kahuna -, 877-779-7967.

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