The Renewable Energy Centre; Leading the Way in Promoting Renewable Energy

Due to popular demand The Renewable Energy Centre has added three new sections to their website; a directory of UK and International renewable energy exhibitions and conferences for trade and consumers, a section for relevant Educational Resources and advice on government grants and funds available.

The Renewable Energy Centre website has been heralded as the first of its kind in the UK and is leading the way as a primary source of information and reference for the industry. Launched at the beginning of 2007, The Renewable Energy Centre has already established itself as an authority website in the sector through media coverage and a large network of links from energy related websites.

Visitors to the website can now view a list of all events being held throughout the UK and internationally, including conferences which deal with all aspects of renewable energy. The Educational Resources offer teaching materials for primary and secondary schools as well as a list of Colleges and Universities offering a variety of specialist courses and degrees. In order to promote energy saving and renewables the Grants and Funding section lists all current sources of financial help for all those who want to make changes to their home or business.

The Renewable Energy Centre website has been designed for businesses, government organisations and individuals researching sustainable and renewable technologies and provides a wide range of valuable resources in one location. These include a practical introduction to eleven areas of renewable technology, advice on installation and a national directory of thousands of specialist contractors and suppliers with the facility to filter by region.

Visitors to the site are also offered further specialist advice and direct website links to relevant organisations such as Energy Efficiency Advice Centres and Trade Associations and Community Groups allowing homeowners and businesses to obtain localised and practical information.

Richard Simmons, founder of The Renewable Energy Centre said "If Britain is to meet the carbon emissions reduction targets set by the government we must all direct our attention to renewable energy. It is a wholly undervalued resource which should prove to be a very realistic part of the future alternative to fossil fuels. However, we can only truly reduce the impact we are having on the environment if we realise that renewable energy cannot be used as a solution in isolation. It is important that we work towards more energy efficient homes and means of transport and reduce our often excessive use of electricity and fuel"

He continued "The Renewable Energy Centre is an invaluable resource for any individual or organisation interested in playing a part of the battle against climate change. Visitors to the site range from homeowners seeking practical energy efficiency tips, commercial companies wanting to cut energy bills and businesses in all areas of the building industry pro-actively responding to the recent government green initiatives."

Due to increasing pressure to meet Government targets and the UK's over reliance on fossil fuels Renewable Energy is more relevant than ever and should be the first port of call for any individual or business researching the subject. Rapidly increasing traffic to the website is helping to raise awareness among consumers and businesses and enables them to make informed decisions about renewable energy and how to implement changes which will have a long-term impact on the environment.


Notes for Editors:
The Renewable Energy Centre: Saving Money, Saving Energy and Saving the Planet
The Renewable Energy Centre is committed to informing all online users about energy saving and renewable energy in order to:
increase public awareness through accurate and informative resources
create business opportunities throughout the UK through its' local and national directories.

For more information:
Contact: Angela Gallacher (Head of Press & Marketing)
Address: 1 Alpha House, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2ED
Telephone: 01926 865835

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