New Powerful and User-Friendly Sunny Island 5048U Unveiled at Solar Power 2007

New Powerful and User-Friendly Sunny Island 5048U Unveiled at Solar Power 2007

GRASS VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 3, 2007SMA America, Inc., the U.S. arm of global solar technology giant SMA Technologie AG, debuted their latest battery-based inverter at the Solar Power 2007 conference in Long Beach, Calif.: The Sunny Island 5048U. The Sunny Island 5048U provides continuous, reliable off-grid power from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro, with the ability to handle grid input for backup applications. The new model has the added capacity of 20 percent more wattage, plus a new, more intuitive, user-friendly interface, which means utilizing the innovative technology behind Sunny Island is now easier than ever.

The new Sunny Island 5048U provides continuous power of 5,000 watts at 120VAC at 25°C (or 77°F)a significant boost over the Sunny Island 4248U's 4,200 watts. That makes it ideal for starting large loads such as water pumps and refrigerators. Operation is silent and virtually maintenance-free; the new interface makes on-site configuration quick and simple, and the Sunny Island 5048U can also be remotely monitored through a variety of communications options.

When the Sunny Island 5048U is in charge mode, it can supply a connected battery with up to 100 amps of electricity. When the battery's stored power is needed, the Sunny Island 5048U changes to invert mode in an astonishing .02 secondsturning its DC input into clean AC output so fast, most computers will stay on-line.

With its high efficiency (up to 95 percent), superior surge capacity, intelligent battery, load, and island management, the Sunny Island 5048U can keep system costs down, while keeping the availability of safe, grid-quality power high.

"As the world leader in inverter technology, SMA takes pride in its ability to consistently deliver the most advanced inverter technology for renewable energy sources," remarks SMA America, Inc. President Pierre-Pascal Urbon. "The Sunny Island 5048U epitomizes SMA America's commitment to quality and reliability."

About SMA America, Inc.
SMA America, Inc. is a proud part of the worldwide SMA family of companies, with divisions in nine countries on four continents, boasting over 1,300 employees, and continuous double-digit growth. SMA America supports installers and small businesses in the solar industry through marketing and training assistance. Since 2000, SMA America has shown unfaltering commitment to the continued development and implementation of leading-edge products, including some of the most efficient solar inverters available nationwide.
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