Emergency help for fire victims of San Diego

Green Planet Solutions Inc. will be collecting neighborhood and local business E-waste, free of charge, during this emergency to help distribute items that can be reused by families in need.

San Diego fire relief for families who have lost their homes.

Green Planet Solutions Inc has joined forces with E-world of Vista to help assist local San Diegans rebuild from the fire disaster. In any disaster getting the survivors back to some what normal life is imperative.
Many have lost their homes and the rebuilding process will take time.

Simple items like TV's, microwaves, vacuums, computer systems, toys, clock radio's, kitchen appliances and many other daily use items where lost by these families in the recent fires.

Replacing these items quickly can ease the amount of loss and help get fire victims back to a some what normal life.

Green Planet Solutions Inc will be donating items like these to the families who have lost these items in the recent San Diego fires.

How you, the public, can get involved!

Green Planet Solutions Inc. will be collecting neighborhood and local business E-waste, free of charge, during this emergency to help distribute items that can be reused by families in need.

We will be scheduling door to door pickup's in the below listed areas.

The E-waste will then be transferred to our facility, sorted by working and non working items.

Working items will be warehoused and distributed to families through local charities once the fire disaster has subsided.

Non working items will then be transferred to E-world of Vista for proper destruction keeping unwanted items out of the environment.

This is a call to everyone in North County San Diego to help!

Your unwanted items can bring families back into a normal life!
Please get involved today so we can come together during this time as a community and help each other.

We are accepting:

Old computer systems, TV's, Monitors, Vacuums, Clock radio's, Lamps, General kitchen appliances (I.e.. Blenders, mixers, coffee makers, and other kitchen related items)
Toy's that are electrical in nature, DVD player's, VCR's, extension cords, Car batteries ETC....

Just about anything that you would use on a daily basis that is electrical in nature.

What we do not accept:

Refrigerators, Washer / Dryers, Air-conditioning units.

If you need to discard these items please go to our partner link page to find an appliance removal service near you:

Click here.............

Fans and filters for seniors and families that are in need of room filtering and cooling:

We are also calling for Fan's and room air filtering systems that are no longer use to you. These items will assist senior's and other persons with asthma and other lung disorders to breath clean air and to stay cool during this time of need.

Please call 760-639-0672 to schedule a free pick up of your unwanted E-waste items for these areas.



San Marcos




We desperately need volunteers to join our team to flyer and help get the world out into the community. Please call Mario Hinton to arrange volunteer efforts.

Please call 760-639-0672

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