EnerWorks, Inc. acquires the Blue Peter Project Group

EnerWorks is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Blue Peter Project Group (BPPG). With this acquisition, EnerWorks is positioned to offer fully integrated commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential solutions to customers across North America.

Founded in 2006, BPPG specializes in the development and completion of large scale commercial, industrial and residential applications of alternative energy solutions. Key to its success has been BPPG's coordinated approach to project management. EnerWorks' customers will now benefit from this approach, as well as the expertise and experience of BPPG founder Graham Smith, who joins EnerWorks as VP & GM, Commercial & Industrial Products.

"Graham's knowledge and relationships, and BPPG's processes and systems will enable EnerWorks to provide a tremendous depth of expertise to customers looking at providing or purchasing commercial or industrial scale solar thermal energy solutions," says EnerWorks CEO Ken Arnold. Services will include feasibility studies, consulting and proposal preparation, system design and best practice development, and full installation of EnerWorks' solar thermal appliance solutions. Two such projects have recently been awarded to EnerWorks through a competitive bid process.

EnerWorks has been selected to supply solar thermal systems to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) for the purpose of preheating the Hospital's hot water supply. This full turnkey solution includes 92 solar collectors and ancillary equipment which will complement the existing EnWave System used for HVAC and steam supply. By combining the EnerWorks system with EnWave, SickKids will optimize its energy usage and control energy consumption, reducing operational costs, future energy costs and risk, and allowing for long-term forecasting, budgeting and efficient energy management.

EnerWorks has also been chosen to supply the solar thermal domestic water heating solution to Phoenix Place, Green Phoenix's apartment housing project. EnerWorks' solar hot water system will complement existing geothermal technology to provide a pre-heat system for domestic hot water and space heating in each apartment unit in Phoenix Place. The solar system will provide an estimated 27% of the total hot water load annually through the use of 40 solar panel collectors, decreasing green house gas emissions by 43.6 metric tons per year.

At the forefront of turnkey solar thermal projects, EnerWorks works with local project partners to design, install, commission and maintain solar water heating appliances for a full spectrum of commercial, industrial and large-scale residential applications. EnerWorks aggressively invests in research and development, always seeking ways to reduce costs, increase energy outputs and maximize longevity in operations ranging from hospitality and community centers to agriculture and industrial processes.

About EnerWorks:
EnerWorks, Inc. is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider. Its proven, patented technology offers high quality, reliable, cost effective renewable energy solutions to the North American market.

Graham Smith
VP & GM, Commercial & Industrial Products
P: 519-268-6500
F: 519-268-6292

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