EnerWorks Solar Water Heating Helps Builders Aim for Top LEED Certification

Work is underway in what is planned as Canada's first residential development where every house meets the requirements for top LEED certification - a development for which EnerWorks is providing the solar thermal technology.

Work is underway in what is planned as Canada's first residential development where every house meets the requirements for top LEED certification - a development for which EnerWorks is providing the solar thermal technology. In the building of the EcoLogic subdivision in Newmarket, Ontario, Rodeo Fine Homes will aim to reduce household water use, water discharge, solid waste, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as it strives for the top platinum certification.

Through John Godden, Principal, Alpha-Tec Consulting and Construction, the EnerWorks solar water heating appliance will be installed in each of the 34 homes in the subdivision and will provide over 50% of the annual water heating needs for the homeowners, resulting in real economic savings and environmental benefits. Water heating typically accounts for approximately 15-20% of a family household's energy consumption and annually results in two tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

While LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has not yet been introduced for residential developments in Canada, some Canadian homebuilders have participated in the American pilot of the residential certification. The certification gives points for energy efficiency, water management, construction waste management, use of environmentally friendly materials, indoor air quality and sustainability. Certification is awarded at four levels, with platinum being the highest. A home recently built by Reid's Heritage Homes in Guelph, Ontario achieved this level with a rating of 91.5 on the 100 point energy efficiency scale.

"The home makes use of a geothermal system to meet its heating and cooling needs," says Ken Arnold, EnerWorks' CEO. "EnerWorks provided the solar thermal technology which supplements the geothermal system, boosting efficiencies by providing reliable water heating as well as contributing to space heating."

Rodeo and Reid's are not alone in including EnerWorks solar water heating solutions as they aim for green building certification, or towards building "net-zero" homes - homes which annually produce as much energy as they use. Minto Homes, Empire Communities and Amedeo Barbini have all seen the benefits - economic and environmental - of incorporating EnerWorks' solar thermal technology.

Minto's "Inspiration" home, one of twelve net-zero demonstration homes, incorporates EnerWorks' solar panels on the roof. These panels, which resemble large roof-top skylights, collect renewable energy from the sun and transfer it through a heat exchanger to heat the home's water. EnerWorks' solar water heating appliances are the only CSA-certified solar thermal appliances.

"Surveys have shown that over 85% of home buyers are now looking for energy-efficient homes," says Arnold. "Including solar water heating in a new home is a highly effective way to increase a home's energy efficiency and appeal to these buyers."

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