Renewable New-Beginning Atmosphere

The 2nd RENEXPO® Central & South-East Europe 2008 in Budapest underlines the contribution of the renewable energy market in central and south-east Europe.

The demand for technology for renewable energy production and for an increase in energy efficiency is rising rapidly worldwide and with that the need for Know-How and knowledge transfer. The east and south-east European countries have a huge demand in this area. The international trade fair and conference RENEXPO® Central & South-East-Europe offers exhibitors and visitors from the complete region a unique platform for networking with other as well as with the complete European market.

There was a great sense of atmosphere to be felt"rejoiced Stefan Varga, Manager from the event organisers REECO Hungary Kft., over the successful RENEXPO® premiere in Budapest in April 2007. The participation from countries such as Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Australia, Italy and Great Britain in this opening event clearly showed that, in the South East European market for renewable energy, great expectations for the future can be realistically set.
From the 24th to 26th of April 2008 at the 2nd RENEXPO®, 120 exhibitors, 3,000 visitors and 400 conference participants from over 20 countries will come to Budapest in order to inform themselves about the latest developments, products and services from the area of renewable energy and energy efficient building and renovation.
The international network will be strengthened again in 2008. For the second international trade fair Austria as partner country brings Know-How and local Austrian companies as exhibitors.
Austria, with its proximity to central and south eastern European countries, is the economic and cultural hub between the old and new member countries of the EU. Many international companies have based their offices for Central and South-Eastern Europe in Austria. Austria is a leader in the field of renewable energy.
The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), The Austrian Energy Agency, The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and The Austrian Biomass Association, are the ideal supporters for the Hungarian RENEXPO®. The WKO will be represented through a common business stand; ecoplus also provides the opportunity for smaller companies to present themselves at the event through their stand.
In partnership with The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), The Austrian Energy Agency, The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management the Austrian Energy Days will take place in the framework of the RENEXPO® CSEE, with a main focus on "energy efficient building and renovation".
The RENEXPO® Budapest is a platform for the entire South-East European economic area. Close collaboration have also been developed with Romania and Serbia. Both countries have expressed their interest in participating at a future trade fair in Budapest.
In the conference area the themes will be biogas, biofuels, geothermal energy, combined hat and power (CHP), energy efficient building and renovation, wind energy and hydropower.

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