Green Awareness Certification Training

Green Mechanical Awareness Certified Testing By HVAC EXCELLENCE

October 14th 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

October 15th 8:00 am - Noon
Standard Air & Lite
Pittsburgh Location
Lunch included

This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of Green concepts, terminologies, systems and the latest technologies and allow contractors and technicians to be conversant in Green Mechanical issues.

The program will allow successful candidates to be certified in "Green Mechanical Awareness"
HVAC Excellence and Ferris State University agreed to work together to address the gap in "Green Mechanical" education. This partnership resulted in the development of this "Green Mechanical Awareness" manual. This manual is designed to provide a basic understanding of Green concepts, terminologies, systems, and the latest in Green mechanical technology. Ferris State University and HVAC Excellence are developing additional technical training manuals covering an array of Green Mechanical issues.

The first of these technical manuals "Combustion Analysis" is now available and covers the maximization of furnace and boiler energy efficiency.

Ferris State University and HVAC Excellence are two of the Founding Members of the Green Mechanical Council. A portions of the proceeds derived from this manual are donated to the Green Mechanical Council.

For information regarding this class contact:

Rich Benkowski
Standard Air & Lite
2406 Woodmere Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

For information regarding the Green Awareness Certification Program and the Green Energy Council contact:

Jo Keirns

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