UrbanScooters.com Offers The All New Go-Ped I-Ped

UrbanScooters.com is proud to announce the release of the new Go-Ped I-Ped Electric Scooter.

UrbanScooters.com is proud to announce the release of the new Go-Ped I-Ped Electric Scooter. With the inclusion of Lithium-Ion batteries and a 1000+ watt motor, I-Peds are the most compact, advanced, and high quality electric scooters on the market. The Lithium-Ion batteries last 10 times longer than sealed-lead-acid (SLA) batteries, weighs half as much at half the size, and are more powerful than the SLA batteries used on most other scooters.

The GoPed I-Ped is ideal for use in the busy urban setting as it is light enough to carry like a briefcase, and virtually silent when in use. The fact that this scooter is electric makes it the number one candidate for commuters that are using public transportation because other scooters are not allowed on trains or busses. The compact design allows the I-Ped to easily fold and stow away under the seats of trains and busses.

The I-Ped will top out at 18 mph in "turbo mode" and cruise at 12 mph in "economy mode." There are two range options, the I-Ped8 has one battery pack and will travel 9 miles in "economy", and 5 miles in "turbo", and the I-Ped16 has two battery packs doubling the range of the I-Ped8. A unique feature of the I-Ped line is that the controller is programmable allowing the rider to detune the scooter for range or rider safety.

The use of an electric scooter as opposed to your household car will save your family money, reduce your carbon-footprint, and even save time on a small commute. Financially, if you take an electric scooter on a small trip, your financial gain at the gas pumps will surprise you. Pete Selders, the newest customer service expert at UrbanScooters.com stated, "I have saved over $100 a month by using my electric bike for small commutes instead of taking my car". Pete also says, " I ride up traffic-plagued streets on my way to work, passing people in their cars, and I get to work 3 minutes quicker on my electric bike than I do in my car". The electric scooter is ideal for short commutes.

The I-Ped emits no known pollutants into the already suffering atmosphere. By using the I-Ped you will be playing a huge part in helping the environment. Green transportation is gaining momentum in busy cities and rural neighborhoods as the cleanest, and most entertaining way to travel.

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