Letter outlined recommendations for administrative actions that the new White House can take immediately to address climate change.

WASHINGTON DC - In a letter delivered to President Barack H. Obama on his first full day in office, 97 businesses and organizations - joined by 19 individual activists - outlined recommendations for administrative actions that the new White House can take immediately to address climate change.

Stressing that "these recommendations are not intended to be comprehensive and there is much more that can - and must - be done,"
the groups proposed the following first steps:

** Direct the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to initiate a rulemaking under the Clean Air Act declaring that carbon dioxide emissions are endangering public health.

** Reverse the Bush Administration's denial of a waiver for California of the Clean Cars Standard under the Clean Air Act and allow it to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles.

** Direct the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to raise fuel economy standards for cars, light trucks and SUVs to at least 45 miles per gallon over the next decade and a half.

** Direct that greenhouse gas emissions be considered whenever the federal government examines the environmental impact of its actions under the existing National Environmental Policy Act.

** Create a national carbon registry, requiring mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases.

** Begin to make the federal government a carbon-neutral enterprise.

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The Sustainable Energy Network is an unincorporated network founded in
2006 comprised of 600+ organizations, businesses, and individuals advocating aggressive development of sustainable energy technologies to curb energy imports, slash greenhouse gas emissions, and phase out nuclear power.

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