GreenCore Capital Launches Renewable Energy Business Advisory Division, GreenCore Business Services

GreenCore Business Services to address the needs of fast growing renewable energy start-ups.

March 27, 2009 -- GreenCore Capital, a San Diego based private-equity firm with an emphasis in funding renewable energy companies has announced the opening of a new division, GreenCore Business Services. GreenCore Business Services advises and provides services to early stage and mid stage companies in the areas of strategic planning, business development, intellectual property, financial advisory and provides third party services from some of the top renewable energy legal and accounting firms. Jay Potter, CEO GreenCore Capital has appointed Shawn Lechien as CEO of GreenCore Business Services. Shawn Lechien has extensive corporate management experience, having served in senior management roles at to local San Diego Companies, the Titan Corporation as treasurer and as a key executive in mergers and acquisitions at Kratos Defense & Security, Inc.

Adding to the GreenCore Business Service's leadership team, Potter announced the appointments of Dr. Olaf Walter as COO, Gilbert Barnes as Managing Director of GreenCore's office in San Diego, California and Michael Telford as Managing Director of GreenCore's office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Olaf Walter, Gilbert Barnes and Michael Telford are respected industry experts in business management, finance and business development. Potter states, "Along with Shawn Lechien leading GreenCore Business Services, Dr. Walter, Gilbert Barnes and Michael Telford bring top level corporate and Fortune 500 management skill-sets. GreenCore Business Services is poised to become a first-rate business consultancy organization in the explosive growth industry, the renewable energy business sector."

GreenCore Business Services assists early-stage and mid-stage companies achieve sustainable commercialization. Moreover, GreenCore Business Services accelerates a start-up company's goal of profitability thus rapidly creating shareholder value.

Jay Potter, CEO of GreenCore Capital is a noted expert in alternative and renewable energy technologies. Potter states, "the Obama administration is promoting the rapid deployment of renewable energy technologies as a primary driver to stimulate the economy. Further, Obama aides have stated that investments in renewable energy initiatives will create over 3.5 million 'green collar' jobs. Finally, the Obama administration's new Cap and Trade initiatives, which were designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have provided a unique opportunity for the new wave of Green Investors."

Jay Potter has been instrumental in funding early stage San Diego based renewable energy companies. Potter helped to raise capital for Envision Solar, a commercial design/build solar photovoltaic (PV) firm. Envision Solar was founded by Bob Noble and Bill Adelson, architects with a sustainability focus. Envision Solar has played a key role with Kyocera Solar in the design and the build-out of commercial scale solar projects such as the solar PV trees project at UCSD. Bob Noble is the CEO of Envision Solar as well as the Chairman of the non-profit organization, the California Center for Sustainable Energy.

Shawn Lechien states, "we believe that the clean and renewable energy business sector will be the greatest area of economic growth over the next decade. The recovery of the worldwide recession will come from the growth of the renewable energy industries." Moreover, Lechien states, "The U.S. government, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, provides an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, create millions of jobs and put our economy back on track. Additionally, this act will reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports and help mitigate global climate change by reducing green house gases."

GreenCore Business Services' seasoned industry executives provide invaluable business services and solutions for renewable energy start-ups thus contributing to the Federal government's massive push to stimulate the economy and implement clean energy solutions. GreenCore Capital website is


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