SunLink to Support BP Solar's Newest Retail Installation Project

SunLink announced today that they have been selected to supply the mounting hardware for BP Solar's recently announced project to construct solar electric systems on 10-20 stores for a major retailer in California.

San Rafael, California - June 1, 2009 --SunLink announced today that they have been selected to supply the mounting hardware for BP Solar's recently announced project to construct solar electric systems on 10-20 stores for a major retailer in California.

The SunLink mounting systems were on display when California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger toured one of the stores as part of the Earth Day announcement where the retailer and BP Solar announced a power purchase agreement (PPA). Under the PPA, BP will finance, install and maintain photovoltaic solar power systems in California. The retailer will have immediate access to clean electricity with no up front capital cost.

SunLink supplied BP Solar with the mounting hardware for the 3,120 panel system, which uses SunLink 20° angle mounting brackets to supply 530 kilowatts of DC power to the store. In addition, SunLink engineers worked with BP Solar to provide a working layout to maximize the roof space in order to deliver the most power. The Glendora store was only one of the many stores that used SunLink mounting systems in 2008.

"We have enjoyed working with BP Solar on a variety of interesting projects over the years," said Christopher Tilley, SunLink CEO. "We are excited about supporting BP on this initiative. Not only do our low-impact roof-mount systems provide a high-quality solution for the building, they also allow companies like BP Solar to lower their total installed cost, making each power purchase agreement more profitable for everybody."

"BP Solar is very pleased to utilize high-quality Sunlink products and design support on this project," said Bill Poulin, director of commercial project delivery for BP Solar. "Their racking system is designed for long, reliable performance and ease of installation, themes very consistent with BP Solar PV systems."

About SunLink Corporation
SunLink Corp. designs, engineers, and manufactures the lowest-impact commercial photovoltaic mounting systems in the industry. In 2008, SunLink systems supported more than 21 megawatts of clean solar power in North America. The company's flagship product, an aerodynamically designed, non-penetrating mounting system for flat roofs is the industry's leading solution for adding photovoltaic modules to commercial buildings. All SunLink roof and ground mounting systems reduce your total installed costs due to the systems' ease of installation, low-impact designs (which requires fewer - if any - anchors), ability to be pre-assembled off-site, and outstanding engineering support.

About BP Solar
BP Solar, part of BP Alternative Energy, is a global company with about 2000 employees. BP Solar designs, manufactures and markets products which use the sun's energy to generate electricity for use in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With over 35 years of experience and installations in most countries, BP Solar is one of the world's leading solar companies. BP is one of the world's largest energy companies, with interests in more than 100 countries and over 96,000 employees. For more information visit

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