HelioPower Announces First Project Signed in 1BOG

1BOG, One Block Off the Grid, Launched Group Solar Purchase Program May 18, 2009

Murrieta, CA - June 16, 2009 -HelioPower, a leading solar power design and installation firm in California and Nevada, today announced it has signed the first solar power project in the 1BOG solar group purchase program in San Diego. One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) launched its solar San Diego campaign on May 18, securing a discounted price of $6.09 per DC watt for its members.

"We're proud to announce we've already sold several 1BOG systems in north San Diego County, having signed our first contract on June 1," said Scott Gordon, Director of Sales for HelioPower. "1BOG has negotiated an incredible installation price for its San Diego participants and people are taking advantage of it. Those who hope to get the best deal will act before San Diego Gas & Electric's solar power rebate drops next month."

HelioPower was chosen along with groSolar to install the solar San Diego systems priced through the 1BOG program. HelioPower is working in the northern San Diego area with groSolar installing projects in the central San Diego region. 1BOG has successfully launched statewide group solar purchasing programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sonoma County. Outside California it has active campaigns in New Orleans, La. and Denver, Colo. Upcoming community programs are launching in Phoenix, Ariz., Sacramento, Calif. and Washington, D.C.

"The pricing from HelioPower was the lowest we've seen in any of our group purchase campaigns run thus far," said Dave Llorens, 1BOG General Manager. "We were impressed by HelioPower's request for proposal response," he continued, "We also look for companies who truly embrace environmental awareness in their operations. We inspected the HelioPower southern California offices and warehouse, and saw how they run their business and green their supply chain. We were excited to see their attention to even small details like pre-removing boxes from panels to ensure they are recycled. It made our decision easy."

More information on the San Diego campaign can be found at:

About HelioPower
HelioPower is a leading sustainable energy integration firm. With California offices in Murrieta and Sacramento, HelioPower designs and installs renewable energy systems, in particular solar photovoltaic technology, for residential and commercial clients throughout California and Nevada. HelioPower can be reached toll free at 1 87 SOLAR 888 or on the web at http://www.HelioPower.com.

About 1 Block Off the Grid
1BOG is a community-based initiative - the largest in the country - focused on driving widespread adoption of renewable energy and sustainable solutions through education, community building and group purchasing programs. San Francisco-based 1BOG was founded in June 2008 and has quickly demonstrated the power of community purchasing for solar energy. For more information please visit http://www.1BOG.org.

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