Jacob Fleming's MENA Renewable Energy Forum 26th -28th October 2009

MENA Renewable Energy 2009, a conference from the Jacob Fleming Group aims to bring to the forefront the various opportunities and challenges that exist in the Renewable Energy Industry in MENA

The oil producing countries of Middle East and North Africa have been leading the Non-renewable energy race for the past few decades. However, with the world's oil reserves predicted to run out within a few years' time, these countries are turning their sights to leading a new race - A race to become the world's leading exporters of renewable energy.

The MENA region has vast quantities of natural resources which can be effectively harvested to supply the ever growing energy needs of a burgeoning population. Solar and Wind Energy are currently the top contenders for investment and development and hence give impetus to debates on the most conducive technology, economic viability and practicality.

Evolving Energy Policy, Government Involvement and Energy Incentive Programmes are other issues for discussion which indicate the need for increased interaction and knowledge transfer between government authorities, Energy companies and Research and Development institutions.

MENA Renewable Energy 2009, a conference from the Jacob Fleming Group aims to bring to the forefront the various opportunities and challenges that exist in the Renewable Energy Industry in MENA. Presentations and Case Studies will be put forth by Key Industry Experts whose contributions to this field have led to its consistent progress into a veritable Energy Source for the Future.

Opportunities for Renewable Energy in MENA

1. Abundant natural resources of sun and wind amongst others.

2. Over the next 30 years, the total investment needs in energy in the region are estimated at over US$ 30 billion a year, which is three times higher than the world's average.

3. Initiatives by key MENA countries to promote Renewable Energy.

4. Financial Institutions that are looking for investment - friendly Renewable Energy Projects.

5. World oil prices that remain very high and are straining the finances of many net importing countries

Capitalize on Limitless Resources - Energy Policy in MENA

The Best Incentive Program - Net Metering, Feed-in Tariff System or Rebate Program?

Concentrated Solar Power - An Appraisal of CSP Technology in MENA

CPV - Why is this technology generating a lot of excitement in the RE Industry?

Offshore wind projects - Are they MENA compatible?

Undertaking New Ventures - Investment in Renewable Energy

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