PaceControls Technology Helps Delaware Municipal Buildings Save On Energy Bills

Proven eco-friendly technology helps municipalities, governments reduce deficits

In a comprehensive Delaware Energy Office Green Energy Program-funded demonstration, PaceControls and Ameresco, a national energy service company, recently helped municipal buildings in New Castle County (NCC), Delaware save a significant amount of money on energy. Detailed submetering showed the buildings saved 12-16% on heat pumps, 11-12% on air conditioning (both with higher savings possible), and over 20% on gas-fired boilers. PaceControls' HVACR energy efficiency retrofit products were installed in a variety of HVAC equipment in 2 NCC municipal buildings, under a DEO Technology Demonstration grant. Overall projected paybacks of only 2-3 years were seen, even using relatively low NCC municipal electric and gas rates.

The study adds to PaceControls' extensive credentials in government facilities, and these results are especially useful now as many municipalities experience huge and growing deficits. Using PaceControls' proven, patented, OEM-compliant suite of retrofits, cities and towns can save money on energy costs, without slashing programs or staffs.

"The purpose of the grant and installation of PaceControls' products was to show this proven technology to decision-makers, and to accent energy efficiency investments. Paybacks of two to three years are excellent," said Scott Lynch, the Green Energy Program Manager at the Delaware Department of Energy. "I hope that many agencies and private institutions in Delaware, and across the country, will learn from these results."

The installation of PaceControls' energy efficiency retrofit technology can save a significant amount of money for many governments who are experiencing widespread budget shortfalls, and for other agencies and organizations who want to save on heating and cooling or have a Green Initiative.

"In light of these poor economic times, PaceControls' money-saving solution, which also helps the environment, would be an asset to most local governments. Our clients have seen real results, in years of reliable operation, and with a fast payback on their investment," said Susann Felton, president of PaceControls. "We're very pleased to work with Ameresco and New Castle County in such a cost-effective program."

About PaceControls
PaceControls develops and manufactures eco-smart, easy-to-install, energy-saving HVACR solutions. Designed for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment, PaceControls technology is a highly flexible retrofit solution. The technology establishes optimal run times for compressors and burner units, "pacing" the equipment's consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil or propane saving 10 to 20 percent or more on energy bills. A typical payback for a project ranges from just one to three years. The technology -- designed and refined with significant input from the HVACR maintenance industry and equipment manufacturers -- complies with all accepted industry standards for control equipment. PaceControls products have proven successful in thousands of installations, including hundreds installed in electric utilities under demand side management programs.

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