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Energy crisis is the bane for the modern economy. It has the capability to stop it in its tracks. One simple and effective solution is to use renewable

July 2009 — The modern industry is facing acute shortage of power due to increased cost of traditional fossil fuels. It's hence a high time that we start looking at some renewable source of energy. One viable alternative is to use solar energy at homes. Despite the initial investment solar energy has the capability in going a long way to deliver the promise. Also burning fossil fuel for power has had negative impacts on the environment. Hence the right answer for a green and clean future is to use solar energy.

Solar energy is nothing but the energy produced by the sun which then radiates this energy to the earth. If this solar radiation could be converted to energy experts feel that half an hour of sunshine is enough for the earth to fulfill the energy requirement of the modern human race for one whole year. Solar Install is a pioneer in developing and installing solar power systems to the home. This Solar heating technology reduces your dependence on fossil fuel and hence cuts down on your costs in the long run.

At present the government follows two main solar grant schemes for the public to know the uses and benefits of solar energy. Solar install can some times even provide up to 100% solar grants for installation of solar heating systems. The discount schemes initiated by the government are carried out both at national and local levels for all home owners. Solar install have installed a number of such solar heating systems under these grants and they also guide the home owners through the grant application process.

Solar Install provides it service to both Solar heating and photovoltaic systems. Solar heating systems are aimed at converting in coming solar radiation in to thermal energy to heat water., whereas photovoltaic systems generate electricity directly from the incident solar radiation. They are easy to builds and can be incorporated even in the window sills and roofs. Modern systems even give ability to store energy for futuristic purpose. The company also helps you attain permission from the local authority regarding installation of the solar cells.

Solar Install caters to the need of both commercial and residential owners. They provide services for water heating, electricity generation at residential and even help the owners by helping them achieve grants from the local administration. They also build solar systems for commercial institutions such as schools, councils and malls. For more information regarding solar energy and grant services provided by the company please visit http://www.solarinstall.co.uk/ . The company can also be contacted at the following details

Company name: Solar Install
Contact Details: 0800 073 051
website: www.solarinstall.co.uk

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You haven't installed a tile mount that is easier to install than the Solar Tile Mount manufactured by TRA Snow and Sun. Solar Tile Mount is used on all tile roof profiles: flat, mid, and high. It is made in the USA of aluminum alloy for strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Solar Tile Mount is built to allow more ease in installation with more rise from the tile surface to the rail for better air flow below panels. The adjustable base is longer than most allowing attachment 6" to the left or right to have the bracket in the base of the pan of the tile and still fasten to the rafter. Solar Tile Mount is adjustable for counter batten systems from ¾" to 3". The horizontal rail is directly above base fasteners giving greater uplift resistance than any other system. For superior waterproofing apply TRA Snow and Sun's butyl backed VersaFlash aluminum flashing. No tile flashing is needed on top of the tile for greater labor and material cost savings.