Boots on the Roof Announces Partnership with SunWize Technologies

Close on the heels of launching its very popular solar training boot camps, Boots on the Roof has announced a new partnership with SunWize Technologies, the premier distributor of solar energy systems and components in North America.

Close on the heels of launching its very popular solar training boot camps, Boots on the Roof has announced a new partnership with SunWize Technologies, the premier distributor of solar energy systems and components in North America. With this partnership, Boots on the Roof is aiming to service SunWize Dealers and prospective Dealers for Solar Training courses. SunWize customers will benefit from special pricing for market-ready solar training courses at Boots on the Roof locations nationwide.

The growing number of corporations and individuals converting to solar electricity for their energy consumption has been resulting in a surge in demand for installers and robust solar equipment, bringing tremendous opportunities for Boots on the Roof and SunWize.

The Boots on the Roof team, which already has a 16-year track record of successfully collaborating with large organizations on a national scale, developed an interest in green energy several years ago - solar power, in particular. After dedicating the last few years to charting out the territory for its distinguished Solar programs, Boots on the Roof launched the market ready solar training programs targeted at General Contractors, Licensed Electricians, Solar Energy Entrepreneurs and other business professionals in the renewable energy sector. Their six-day, four-day, and two-day, solar panel training courses are running at capacity, with a long list of students waiting to get the next available seat.

"Things in the solar energy industry are changing rapidly now," said Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President, Boots on the Roof. "And we're proud to be a part of it."

"Boots on the Roof provides the quality training that the industry needs right now. We are pleased to have them as our training partner," stated David Kaltsas, Executive Vice President at SunWize.

"The important thing to understand," added Mr. Bawa, "is that solar panel installation isn't conducive to a 'do-it-yourself' technique. People need to be aware that they're dealing with energy, with electricity, an unforgiving element. To be able to harness the immense opportunities in the solar energy sector, the most efficient method would be to partake of training from a reputed solar school such as Boots. We are leading the way for formalized tracks in the Renewable Energy industry by offering benchmark training courses across multiple demand streams"

For more information on the Boots on the Roof training programs, classes and schedules, please visit

About Boots on the Roof

Boots on the Roof, a reputed solar school, delivers top-quality market-ready training programs for solar energy industry professionals. The Boots team has a 16-year track record of successfully partnering with large organizations to train tens of thousands of students nationwide.

Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President, (510) 249-1060, 4670 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

About SunWize Technologies

SunWize Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of solar energy systems, product distribution, and associated project development. The Company operates a manufacturing and distribution facility in Kingston, New York, serving as the company headquarters; a distribution warehouse in Willits, California; a manufacturing and distribution center in Rancho Cucamonga, California; and regional sales offices throughout the US and Canada. For more information, call Dave Holt at (805) 625-2121 or visit

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