precigeo, Clean Power Finance press release

Clean Power Finance and precigeo announce partnership to integrate roof imagery with solar sales and marketing platform. Announced at Solar Power 2009 in Anaheim, 10/28/2009

Clean Power Finance and precigeo announce partnership to integrate roof imagery with solar sales and marketing platform


Clean Power Finance (CPF) of San Francisco, CA and precigeo of San Rafael, CA are introducing a new service that will provide Clean Power Finance users access to highly accurate roof schematics, insolation studies and shading analysis for addresses anywhere in the United States. This service will enable installers to optimize panel placement when planning installations, insuring their customers the highest level of solar electric productivity. Shading analysis and panel placement are important because it impacts both panel productivity and the amount of rebate that a homeowner will receive.

precigeo reports are being integrated with CPF's industry leading tools for easy acquisition and use by installers. "As part of our committment to providing industry leading solutions to solar professionoals across the US, we're excited to roll-out this partnership with precigeo," said Clean Power Finance CEO and President, Joseph Brakohiapa.

"The integration of precigeo into the CPF Tools web-based platform is the next in a series of powerful enhancements that will greatly reduce the cost of customer acquisition."

precigeo solar VP Roy Clausen, a 9-year photovoltaic industry installation and sales veteran observes that "precigeo reports are a natural extension to CPF Tools. They have done a great job simplifying both installation of solar and preparation of a bid. With our reports they will make accessing critical information to complete the plan easy as well."

About Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance is the leading provider of integrated software and financing solutions to the solar industry.Based in San Francisco, the company's mission is to enable the mass-market adoption of renewable energy by providing an end-to-end solution that integrates software and financing into the sales process. Since its introduction early this year, the CPF Tools software platform has garnered enthusiastic reviews from users who represent over 30 percent of the solar installer community nationwide.

About precigeo

precigeo is the premier provider of roof schematics and rooftop solar studies to the photovoltaic installer market. precigeo reports are built using proprietary analytics and 3D models constructed from high-resolution aerial images. Precigeo reports allow an installer to accurately plan an installation including insolation and shading analysis without climbing on the roof to take measurements. Using the report results in a direct savings with the added benefits or increased accuracy and professional grade materials to include in their sales process.

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