Roofing ceremony: BFE to operate a 1 MWp solar power plant in Erfurt with modules from Masdar PV

BFE builds 1MWp solar power plant in Erfurt (Germany) with the hightech thin-film modules of Masdar PV. The modules deliver the best energy harvest under diffuse lighting conditions as often seen in Germany and coastal regions and under hot outside temperatures.

Today's roofing ceremony for the 1 MWp solar power plant in Erfurt sets a new milestone for Masdar PV: In the last couple of weeks production at the Ichtershausen facility has been rapidly progressing and now the innovative thin-film solar modules are delivered for the installation within the first solar power plant. For this project of Beton Fertigteilbau Erfurt (BFE), the future operators of the power plant, Masdar PV solar modules are the core of the plant. The integration of the system is being undertaken by the Munich based organisation Deutsche Solar Werke GmbH (DSW), who are responsible for the implementation of the project and the plant maintenance. Commissioning and connection to the power grid at the Erfurt location should take place in 2009.

The solar plant will be installed on BFE's own land. Within just a few weeks time about 10,000 thin-film solar modules will be installed on an area of approximately 4ha. The prefabricated concrete construction specialist BFE, by building this first solar power plant, is a pioneer in the Free State of Thuringia. BFE-Manager Michael Wiler explained: "We are proud that we have been able to build this plant in conjunction with our regional partner Masdar PV. As well as the local connection, the financial strength of Masdar and the continuing long term reliability of the suppliers was also a decisive factor for us. Together with the Made in Germany seal of quality and Masdar PV's lead in the technology we have gained the perfect partner for this project." The supplier Masdar PV is giving a 20 year guarantee for the high quality of the solar modules produced. This underlines the company's desire to be seen as a long term and reliable partner in the market.

"We are highly delighted that this first project has been accomplished locally", said Joachim Nell, the manager responsible for the company's worldwide sales, and he explains the advantages of the Masdar products: "At the same time this represents just the beginning because our large scale thin-film solar modules are eminently suitable for use in plants which are positioned on roofs or in open areas in regions with diffuse light conditions!" Michael Wiler adds: "We have consciously decided on the thin-film modules from Masdar PV as we are convinced by the efficiency of their technology. A positive side effect of these solar modules is that immediately upon completion we will be able to convert the poor light at this time of year into considerably more electrical energy. This strengthens the return on our project right from the start." With this contract Masdar PV underlines their unique selling proposition to currently offer the best cost-performance ratio for solar systems.

Florian Schnberger, the CTO of Deutsche Solar Werke GmbH, explained: "We see the construction of the PV power plant as a strategic project that confirms our belief that turnkey complete solutions on a large scale are also in demand. Of course we hope that this project will lead to follow up contracts outside the region and we would be pleased to bring them to fruition in cooperation with Masdar PV."

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