SiGNa Chemistry Demonstrates Hydrogen Generation System for Portable Fuel Cells

SiGNa Chemistry has designed, assembled, and tested its H300 Hydrogen Generation System. Using SiGNa's proprietary sodium silicide (NaSi) powder, the H300 is capable of supporting various portable fuel cell applications including back-up power systems, emergency responder work-stations, military battery recharging, and electric bicycles.

NEW YORK - November 16, 2009 -- SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., a developer of stabilized reactive metals for safer, more efficient industrial chemistry, today announced the successful design, assembly, and initial testing of its H300 Hydrogen Generation System. The H300 utilizes real-time swappable cartridges that generate hydrogen on demand using SiGNa's proprietary sodium silicide (NaSi) powder. The H300 uses two hydrogen canisters that generate more than 800 liters of H2 at a combined flow-rate of up to 4 slpm (continuous) and 10 slpm (peak). This level of continuous hydrogen flow supports a broad range of portable fuel cell applications including back-up power systems, emergency responder work-stations, military battery recharging, and electric bicycles. SiGNa has demonstrated hydrogen generation for applications ranging from 1 to 500 Watts.

"With its award-winning technology, including inherently safe, air stable reactive metal powders, SiGNa continues to develop ground-breaking products for industrial applications," says Michael Lefenfeld, President and CEO, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. "The H300 Hydrogen Generator System allows us to easily showcase our effective materials to portable fuel cell system developers."

The H300 demonstrates truly unique characteristics with a real-time hydrogen fuel gauge, on-demand hydrogen generation, and rapid canister insertion/removal. In collaboration with Trulite, Inc., a leading developer of portable and semi-portable hybrid power systems, SiGNa utilized Trulite's FCS-300 PEM fuel cell system to demonstrate the technology. The FCS delivers 300 Watts of continuous power and has multiple electrical outputs including: 12 V auto, 12 V military, and 110 VAC.

"Hydrogen storage continues to be the single most important piece of technology limiting portable fuel cell commercialization, "says Ken Pearson, COO, Trulite, Inc. "High energy density, low cost, and start-stop capability are all critical market requirement areas that SiGNa's NaSi powder technology has the potential to meet."

"The H300 platform provides the only high-performance, portable hydrogen generation system to the fuel cell industry," according to Andrew Wallace, Director of the Alternative Energy Research Center, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. "This system will enable hydrogen fuel cell developers to readily evaluate sodium silicide and adapt their systems to be compatible with SiGNa's technology."

About SiGNa Chemistry
SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., a green chemical technology company, has developed a suite of heterogeneous reagents and catalysts that make reactive metals far more efficient, safer, and cost effective. These products are fundamental components used for general synthesis in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, specialty chemical and environmental remediation industries as well as provide the ability to enable portable fuel cells by safely producing pure hydrogen gas from a safe, stable dry powder at room temperature. For more information, visit:

About Trulite, Inc.
Trulite is engaged in developing and providing portable and semi-portable hybrid power generators using fuel cells and hydrogen generation as the core technology to markets that have applications for clean, reliable off-grid power. For more information, please visit


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