SunPods and First Star Capital Announce a Partnership for Financing On-demand Solar Power Generation

Innovative financing from First Star Capital combined with SunPods' fully integrated, solar power generation systems makes green power available sooner to more businesses.

San Jose, CA -- December 22, 2009 -- SunPods Inc., a company delivering modular, fully integrated and tested solar power generation systems to customer sites has teamed with First Star Capital to make it easier for small and medium-sized operations (2.5kW to 400kW) to fund the purchase of solar electrical power generation.

SunPods delivers reliable, cost-effective solar power generation. SunPods' unique Solar Smart Technology creates a modular, rugged solar power appliance from the most advanced components being produced.

First Star Capital recognizes that eliminating the uncertainty of cost and schedules that have normally been associated with solar power installations presents a unique financing opportunity. According to Brad Harmon, President of First Star Capital, "We can now treat solar power generation like any other capital investment. With traditional solar installations, the custom design and installation process make it harder to put together a financial package because each project has to be carefully evaluated for risk. SunPods eliminates the risk. We're financing a capital acquisition, our expertise, not an engineering project."

More accessible financing makes solar power generation a reality for more operations. "There is large demand at small to medium-sized installations, but financing is a necessity. For example, SunPods makes sense for agricultural operations but they need predictable financing so they can replace payments to utilities with payments on their own solar equipment. First Star Capital has the expertise and knowledge to make this happen." observed Dan Jaeger, President of SunPods.

SunPods is currently shipping three product lines:
SP-100 for commercial installations
SP-300 for EV charging stations
SP-500 for support of agricultural operations
Financing from First Star Capital for SunPods' systems is available immediately.

About First Star Capital

First Star Capital is an established firm that has financed thousands of different businesses across the country and funded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of capital equipment. We are an independent commercial lender with a focus in equipment financing and leasing. First Star Capital is a direct lender with the ability to quickly and efficiently fund new financing requests between $10,000 and $10,000,000. Corporate headquarters are located at 3050 Citrus Circle, Suite 222, Walnut Creek, CA. 94598. Phone: 800-604-4817. Website:

About SunPods Inc.

SunPods is expanding the solar power generation market by delivering modular, self-contained solar power appliances. Fully configured units are shipped from our factory to the site. Site preparation is minimal and there is no on-site assembly. SunPods' units are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and pre-tested in a rigorous factory setting making them ready to power up on delivery. SunPods makes project management and execution simpler and quicker. Corporate headquarters are located at 1922 The Alameda, Suite 214, San Jose, California 95126. Website:

For more information, contact:
Lisa Schmidt
Director of Marketing at SunPods.
(408) 689-2446

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