Aberdeen Group Report Highlights EPS Corp's Technology Solutions

"Energy Intelligence" - a data driven approach to energy management, identified as emerging best practice in industrial manufacturing sector

Costa Mesa, CA - January 12, 2010 - The Aberdeen Group today released a report that identifies Energy Intelligence, the central element of EPS Corp's energy and carbon reduction solutions, as a best practice approach among leading companies in the industrial manufacturing sector.

"Energy Intelligence: Creating Data Driven Efficiency" identifies this new best practice as a leading edge method used by the companies that most successfully managed their energy usage, based on research conducted by Aberdeen with over 200 manufacturers. Those that deployed this approach achieved a 15% reduction in their energy use, more than double the industry average, achieving substantially higher operating margins as well.

The Aberdeen report outlines this approach for better managing energy in industrial operations, characterized by the delivery of comprehensive real-time energy data, enabling greater visibility into system performance. The report reveals how Best-in-Class companies have leveraged this information to implement immediate energy and carbon reduction actions, optimizing their operations while reducing costs.

EPS' xChange Point is highlighted in the case study within this report as the Energy Intelligence solution deployed by a leading dairy processor at 50 of their plants. The case study reveals how EPS was able to provide visibility into the performance of the most energy-intensive subsystems through the collection and analysis of real-time data using EPS xChange Point . Within a short timeframe, the system identified a number of inefficiencies not previously visible to the company. This information was used to take rapid action to reduce their energy consumption, delivering a quick payback and moving the company a step closer toward achieving their efficiency and sustainability goals.

"Energy Intelligence is the most effective approach for achieving sustainable energy savings in the manufacturing sector, and it is at the core of all our offerings," said Jay Zoellner, Chief Executive Officer of EPS Corp. "xChange Point is so effective because the service features EPS energy experts who interpret the collected data for our customers in the correct context, and then identify and actively implement the most appropriate energy saving solutions that deliver the optimal return on investment."

"Globally, the industrial base accounts for nearly half of all energy consumed, so finding effective methods for energy reduction can have a big impact," said Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst at Aberdeen and a co-author of the report. "The companies on the forefront are clearly benefitting from using Energy Intelligence to optimize their energy usage across their operations."

Industrial manufacturing professionals and press covering the sector can download the Aberdeen report here: http://www.epsway.com/ei/aberdeenreport

About EPS Corp:
EPS Corp is the leading energy intelligence company that develops and implements analytic, efficiency and clean generation solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company's integrated product and services suite is delivered using The EPS Way, an innovative three-step process that maximizes energy and carbon reductions through financially compelling solutions. EPS delivers the right information - at the right time - to enable decisions that improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. More information may be found at www.epsway.com

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