EPS Corp Exceeds Goal in Permanent Load Shift Program: 1.42 MW of Industrial Power Offset

Innovative process reduces peak energy demand and provides monetary savings to participating customers

Costa Mesa, CA - February 2, 2010 - EPS Corp announces that the company's Permanent Load Shifting (PLS) program for industrial refrigeration customers in Southern California has resulted in the successful diversion of nearly 1.5 Megawatts of power to off-peak times, exceeding the company's original targeted goal of 1.26 Megawatts and delivering an estimated $232,000 in annual financial savings to the customers participating in this program.

In contrast to many reactive load curtailment programs, such as Demand Response, the PLS program is a proactive effort to reduce the energy load throughout the entire peak demand season, and yields measurable results. EPS provides a constant and predictable load shift by employing an innovative, cost effective and tested process. The shifted energy load has enabled the regional utility to better manage demand load in peak use periods.

Since EPS first engaged in the pilot effort of the Permanent Load Shifting program in California in September 2008, the company has conducted energy surveys at seven San Diego Gas and Electric customer facilities and has implemented reductions at three industrial refrigeration locations, including a global fresh produce facility, an ice manufacturing company and a cold storage plant. EPS has provided these customers an increase in operational efficiency and immediate savings by successfully shifting their load from peak to off-peak periods, while not affecting their operations. The shift to off-peak times has significantly reduced energy expenses for the three companies, resulting in a forecasted combined savings of $232,000 per year. The customers also benefit from performance based cash incentives for program participation, which can equal an incremental combined total of $225,000, making PLS a financially compelling program for them.

"We're pleased to have delivered value to these industrial refrigeration customers by successfully implementing the PLS program with them", said Jay Zoellner, the Chief Executive Officer of EPS Corp. "Our years of experience creating and implementing energy efficiency solutions for utilities enabled us to achieve these strong results. This was a real win-win' situation, effectively reducing emissions and curbing the need for auxiliary power plants in peak load times, while at the same time delivering significant financial benefits to the industrial refrigeration customers that participated in the program."

Beyond financial rewards and improved energy efficiency, participating customers also benefit from receiving EPS' energy efficiency technology systems, which provide constant monitoring and control of on-site PLS and refrigeration systems, and real-time performance information so that customers can monitor their energy usage over time.

About EPS Corp:
EPS Corp is a leading energy intelligence company that develops and implements analytic, efficiency and clean generation solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The company's integrated product and services suite is delivered using The EPS Way, an innovative three-step process that maximizes energy and carbon reductions through financially compelling solutions. EPS delivers the right information - at the right time - to enable decisions that improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability goals. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. More information may be found at www.epsway.com

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