f-cell 2010: fuel cell applications establish themselves

The tenth forum for producers and users of fuel cells, f-cell, on September 27 and 28, 2010, in Stuttgart will demonstrate: the stationary, mobile, and portable use of fuel cells is one of the sustainable energy supply solutions of the future. In 2010, the international congress and trade fair e

Stuttgart (eos) - What sounded like speculation only ten years ago is a certainty today: in the meantime, the first fuel cell units supply buildings with power and heat. In the near future, electric cars as well as a wide variety of mains-independent devices will be driven by power from fuel cells. The fuel cell specialist forum f-cell, which will take place in Stuttgart on September 27 and 28, 2010, for the tenth time, also continues to support the exciting development process from laboratories all the way to applications in each market. The 2010 forum, which combines a congress and trade fair, will be focusing on the use of fuel cells to supply industrial facilities and apartment buildings, where they convince as miniature power stations in the basement with high levels of efficiency and dynamic power output. Large-scale field tests are currently running. At the f-cell, experts will report on the current situation.

Vehicles: fuel cells and batteries are equally important

"Electromobility - fuel cells and batteries move the future is an additional special topic of the event. We want to show that we use both for future sustained mobility - and how we do so: purely battery-electric cars as well as electric vehicles that draw the necessary power from hydrogen and fuel cells. The two technologies complement one another and, in contrast to frequently voiced opinions, they belong together," explain the event organizers. f-cell thus reflects a trend in the industry that does not focus solely on fuel cell vehicles but on electromobility as a whole: "The days of a single drive concept for all applications, for passenger cars on short and long journeys, for trucks and buses, are finally over. In future, there will be various solutions side by side," says Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, CEO of the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in Berlin (German acronym: NOW). As a logical step, NOW coordinates the implementation of not only the National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology but also of the National Development Plan for Electromobility.

Information on f-cell

Those who are interested can find more information on the f-cell on the Internet at: www.f-cell.de. The Peter Sauber Agency can be reached by telephone at 0711-656960-50. The current program for the f-cell 2010 will be available on the event homepage from around the end of May onwards.

More information and pictures are available from:

Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH
Sibel Kadioglu
Wankelstraße 1
70563 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711-656960-51
E-mail: f-cell@messe-sauber.de
Internet: www.f-cell.de

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