India´s "New Solar Mission" opens doors for fast development for the CSP industry

India's ‘New Solar Mission' is the most ambitious solar energy development plan in the world. By 2022 the country aims to be generating 20 GW of energy from sunlight. Going by International Energy Agency forecasts - this will make India the producer of almost three-quarters of the world's total solar energy.

This plan is a strong indication that the Indian government is committed to solar and that going forward they will have the will and the motivation to continue to support this industry – something that is lacking in many nations. This is truly a ‘New Solar Mission', not a ‘clean energy mission'. The opportunity this creates for the CSP industry is so vast it's difficult to paint the picture of just how much the industry is set to grow and develop in India and beyond.

The ‘New Solar Mission' has set forward a three-stage approach to hitting the 2022 target. The first stage will comprise 1,100MW of grid-connected power and up to 200MW of non-grid capacity by 2013. This is the short term opportunity you face and beyond that the companies that act fast and start winning over Indian support will be set to reap the benefits for the next ten years.

To help both international & local players to seize this opportunity and work together to create a strong CSP market in India CSP Today, the leader event, news & business intelligence company in the concentrated solar thermal electric industry, has put together the 1st Concentrated Solar Power Thermal Summit in India. Following up on CSP Today's great success in USA, Europe and MENA this event will bring together the main international & local players under one roof in September.

Belén Gallego, founder of CSP Today said that the event was "the ideal networking space" for those companies who are serious about being players in the CSP industry in India. "The agenda is designed to attract senior attendees that can have relevant business can be agreed. Time is of the essence to build capability to fulfil the New Solar Mission mandate" , Ms Gallego added.

Over 25 speakers have already been confirmed, but the organizers reckon the number will be closer to 50 by september as there is unprecedented interest in participation. CSP Today also expects over 200 of the most senior CSP executives in attendance.

The agenda will cover a regulatory update on the New Solar Mission, a guide on how to finance CSP plants in India, case studies and success stories through the globe, cost cutting strategies, supply chain opportunities, technology analysis and much more.

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