PROINSO´S extends it International Networks to 737 qualified installers worldwide

The network of qualified installers of the Spanish company PROINSO has topped the figure of 737 qualified companies worldwide, a figure that is well above the multinational's initial forecasts which pointed to some 200 companies joining the Network by the end of 2010.

In terms of the country of origin of the approved companies in the PROINSO Network of qualified installers, noteworthy is Italy, where there are 315 approved companies, followed by Germany (104), Spain (103), USA (88), and France and Greece, with 48 and 438 approved installers, respectively.

These photovoltaic installers are companies with a minimum of three years experience in the sector and have a team of engineers and installers who can design and implement projects.

The Network-launched officially in November 2009 - has also been extended to: Austria, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Ecuador, Slovenia, India, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Tunisia, countries where PROINSO currently distributes material. As highlighted by the company, qualified installers are not required to acquire the module, inverters, trackers and structures from PROINSO, " therefore they are entirely independent so they can maximize performance and make their business competitive."

Among other advantages, companies that make up the PROINSO network of qualified installers can benefit, in Italy and Spain from special finance conditions under the agreements reached between the multinational, BBVA and Intesa San Paolo.

In this way, clients who contract turnkey facilities from the network of PROINSO qualified installers may qualify for this preferential interest financing, provided that the network Installers acquire the material for the facility from PROINSO. Such agreements shall shortly be extended to France, USA and Germany, according to PROINSO management.

In addition, Network members have priority in the supply of equipment, an additional advantage taking into account the modules and inverter shortages that are currently being experienced.

Moreover, PROINSO- a company forming part of Grupo OPDE- has provided in partnership with manufacturers and Trina Solar and SMA, training and information seminars in USA, Greece and Spain, aimed specifically at members of the Network of Qualified Installers. The next events will take place on 22, 23 and 24 June at the headquarters of PROINSO USA (West Sacramento, California).

PROINSO offers the Network of Qualified Installers their team of technicians and engineers to solve any technicalities both in design, and in the execution of the project, in order to provide the most efficient response to the client.

Other support received by the Qualified Installers within the PROINSO IQ Network is that of advertising and marketing. The 701 qualified installers are present on the PROINSO web at Google Maps -, through which you can find their contact details. In addition, in the project section of the PROINSO website the major projects carried out by these qualified installers are featured, where you can see for yourself pictures, location and installed power. Moreover, in various print media where PROINSO advertises these installers are promoted in a special section where they can place information featuring their company and projects. The PROINSO website is visited by 60,000 unique users per month.

PROINSO will be exhibiting at INTERSOLAR Munich where they will be presenting new products from the manufacturers with whom they work. The TRIPOWER inverter from SMA will be presented, which has been tested in the PROINSO facilities some months ago. TRINA´s new "black module" will also be shown. During this event PROINSO will have the chance to meet personally with qualified installers. They will also meet those wishing to join the Network

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